Is An Alarm System Enough?

When you’re working on securing your home and boosting your home security, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to security systems and security hardware.  One question that homeowners have to ask themselves is whether a state-of-the-art alarm system is sufficient to protect their home, or if they need more?

Obviously, an alarm system is a great boost to your home security, but alone, it actually is not an effective tool for preventing home invasion.  First of all, alarm calls are often low priority for local police – this is because there are so many false alarms (either from an alarm malfunction or user error) that it’s an unreasonable use of manpower to investigate every single one immediately.  Often, it can be a half hour before police arrive to investigate, and that’s more than long enough for a burglar to be in and out.

That’s what a criminal is looking for, after all – something easy to get in and get out quickly, before anyone can arrive to stop them.  This also means that if a burglar’s first few attempts to enter your home are thwarted, they’re likely to leave and move on to an easier target.  Why waste time trying to break in to a secure home when unsecured homes are easier and pose less of a risk of being caught?  A strong and sturdy lock can repel all but the most persistent of burglars immediately, without any risk to your home, family or valuables.

A sturdy lock can also protect you if you’re at home better than an alarm system can.  The extra time it takes for a burglar to gain access can be the time required to call law enforcement and get to a secure location.  A weak lock that’s easy to access can deprive you of that vital reaction time.

An alarm system should be your last line of defense.   It’s no replacement for quality door hardware and properly secured doors and windows.  With high security locks, properly installed by qualified technicians, you can ensure the safety of both your property and your loved ones.


How an Auto Locksmith Works

When you call a locksmith to help you regain access to your vehicle, they come with specialized tools and equipment specially designed to help work on your car.  Locking systems for cars are in many ways quite different from your run-of-the-mill residential or commercial locks, so special training and equipment is necessary.

New vehicles – that means anything from about the mid-’90s on – have different keying systems than older vehicles.  While we still see some older cars chugging along out there, most of our auto calls handle modern cars, and that means interfacing with an electronic system.  That’s something only a specialized auto locksmith can change; gone are the days when any locksmith could work on any car.

Modern systems use a key that has a transponder code embedded inside – a “transponder key”, as it were.  When this key is inserted into the ignition, the car reads its code – and only starts when the correct code is read.  This prevents bootleg keys or homemade implements from starting the car; only the “correct” key can start the engine.  It’s designed to prevent cars from being hot-wired, and it’s been very effective.

That means, however, to replace the key or re-key the car, auto locksmiths need special decoding machines.  These find the code needed to open the door of your car – and allows the locksmith to reprogram a new transponder key, allowing you to open your car doors and start the ignition.  This is often faster than manually opening a car, and reduces the risk of any damage occurring – often, in less than five minutes, you’ll have a new key ready to go and complete access to your car once more.

So the next time you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, remember that expert auto locksmiths like the ones at The GTA Lockman are ready, available and trained to help.  Any time, day or night, we’ll come to help you out of your car emergency.  We’ll get you back on the rood as quickly as possible!


What to Expect From Your Locksmith

Different locksmiths offer different services.  Some specialize in installing new hardware or upgrading your existing locks.  Others specialize in auto lockout, with a wide variety of tools allowing them to access a variety of different makes and models of vehicle.  It’s important, when calling a locksmith, to know what you can expect from them.

The GTA Lockman offers a wide variety of services.  Our team of qualified, experienced and highly-trained technicians can solve any and all of your locksmith needs.  Our primary focus, however, is on emergency locksmith services – we’re available 24/7 to handle any lock-related emergencies you are facing.  When you find yourself locked out of your car in the middle of the night, or come home to find your door smashed in at two in the morning, you can’t afford to wait for normal business hours to have your issues solved.  With 24/7 emergency service, you can trust The GTA Lockman to be ready and available to help you at any time, anywhere in the GTA.

That doesn’t mean it has to be an emergency to call us, though!  While we pride ourselves on our fast service and immediate response in emergencies, you can also schedule us to arrive at a convenient time to fix your more routine lock needs.  For residential customers, this can include lock re-keying and restoration, upgrades and move-in lock replacement.  These are situations that you will know need to be solved in advance, and we can be there at your convenience to solve them.

For commercial customers, our services include the installation of high-security locks, including electronic keypads.  We install security bars, change and replace master keys, and generally provide upgraded security services for businesses throughout the GTA.  We also are available for property eviction services, including re-keying and replacing damaged locks.

No matter what you need from The GTA Lockman, you can expect us to handle it with professionalism, speed and efficiency.  We set the bar high and have high standards for all of our locksmith services, be they residential, commercial or automotive.  Call us today to learn what we can do for you.

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How Locksmiths Can Help

How Locksmiths Can HelpWhy call a locksmith like The GTA Lockman?  Here are just a few of the major situations we can help you with:

Replacing Damaged or Lost Keys

When your key is lost or damaged, you can’t open the lock it belonged to!  You could lose access to your own home or vehicle, which will put more than a slight crimp in your plans.  Our trained locksmiths will arrive at your home, car or place of work, replacing your locks or re-keying your doors to get you access to your home once again.

Master Keying

If you have many locks you need to open – say, you’re a property manager or in charge of multiple locations – a master key could be just the thing you need to save yourself from a keyring clogged with dozens of redundant keys.  A master key is a key that’s designed to open a wide variety of locks – each lock has a unique key for a tenant or other resident, and then the one master key owned by the landlord.  Master keying your properties can save you time and aggravation.

New Lock Hardware

If you’re concerned about security – or are just moving into a new home and want to replace the existing door security – a trained locksmith like The GTA Lockman can install newer and stronger door hardware, including deadbolt locks.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing security or are concerned someone might have access to your own locks, new locking hardware can be the answer to your woes.

Lock Repair

Sometimes it’s not the key that’s the issue – it’s a damaged lock itself.  Sometimes, simple wear and tear can harm the lock mechanism.  Other times, they can get jammed or stuck, or have a key break inside the tumbler.  When this happens, a trained locksmith can come, repair your lock in no time at all, and have everything working smoothly once again.


What You Need to Know About Locksmith Services

What You Need to Know About Locksmith ServicesA professional locksmith can offer a wide range of services to help keep you safe, and help you out when you’re stuck in a jam!

Lockout Service

There is nothing more frustrating than having the door slam behind you, only to realize that your keys are trapped inside.  Whether it’s leaving your house to check the mail or parking your car at work, suddenly and unexpectedly losing access to your home or car can ruin your day.

When one of our locksmith technicians arrive on site, the first thing they will do is assess the situation, and determine what steps need to be taken.  Generally speaking, the tools and techniques professional locksmiths use will gain you access to your car or home without causing damage.  Using specialized tools, or techniques known as “lock bumping”, the technician should be able to quickly gain access.  Some locks take a longer time than others, and you should expect your technician to give you an estimate of the time they’ll need to gain access upfront.

Lock Installation

These days, anyone can go down to their local hardware store and buy their own lock and deadbolt.  They can install it themselves, completely DYI.  Why bother going with a professional locksmith at all?  If you’re handy, you can do it yourself, right?

While that’s not entirely false, it’s almost a guarantee that a DYI lock installation will not be as safe or secure as a professional installation.  Nothing compares with the peace of mind you get when you know that your locks have been properly installed, and your home safety has been secured.

Our experts specialize in locks.  No matter what questions you may have about your locks or your security needs, GTA Lockman can help you get the proper lock and ensure it’s properly installed.

Professional Lock Repair

Our experts will have all the proper tools to repair a wide variety of locks, from simple pin-and-tumbler models to complex electronic locks.  They’ll also have the training needed to access and repair a wide variety of locks – and the experience needed to know when a lock can be repaired and when it needs to be replaced.

No matter what you need, you should expect your locksmith to be calm and professional and to serve you with the highest level of professionalism.  GTA Lockman‘s services are second to none!


The Basics of Professional Lock Repair

The Basics of Professional Lock RepairBrowsing around the internet, you can find article after article after article explaining how you can do lock repair and installation at home.  If you’re particularly handy, this may, in fact, be possible, but for most of us, the idea of messing with our home’s security is a frightening one.  There’s also the issue of quickness – a professional locksmith, like one from GTA Lockman, can do in a few minutes what might take an untrained person days to do.  Here are some other basic reasons why your door security is best left to the professionals.

Tools of the Trade

A professional locksmith will have all the appropriate tools needed to ensure your door lock repair or installation is done in the fastest and easiest way possible.  Using the wrong tools when attempting to fix your own door locks can result in just damaging them more – they can be quite delicate pieces of hardware, at times.  Improperly repaired or installed locks also do not provide the same amount of security as properly managed locks will.

Advanced Lock Systems

Most “how-to” guides will cover only the most basic pin-and-tumbler locks.  Modern locks, and anything more advanced than the most bargain-basement budget models, often have advanced locking and security systems which makes repairing them more complicated.  A professional locksmith will have the proper training needed to deal with all sorts of technology, allowing them to quickly and accurately determine the cause of your problems and propose effective, cheap fixes.  No online guide can cover the entire range of locks and locking mechanisms, or have anywhere near the amount of experience or range of problems seen by a professional locksmith.

When to Repair and When to Replace

Without the proper knowledge, you may not know when to repair and when to replace your lock.  Some cases are easy – minor damage should be repaired, and major damage should be replaced.  But when it falls in between those extremes, it can be hard to gauge just where the line between repair and replacement actually is.  A professional locksmith will be able to judge if a moderately damaged lock can be repaired and restored, or if a new lock will be required.


Why a Regular Locksmith is Important

Why a Regular Locksmith is ImportantWhen you move to a new area, you look for people to fill basic roles.  You look for a doctor and a dentist for regular checkups.  You mark down places to go for regular services – a vet if you have a pet, childcare if you have small children, grocery stores if you have specific dietary needs, etcetera.  One thing people sometimes forget to do is to pick a regular locksmith.

And you should have one regular locksmith you go to again and again, rather than calling a different company every time you have a lock-related issue.  You’re trusting a locksmith with your home’s security, and that’s not something you want to spread around.  Your locksmith knows how many spare keys there are to your home or business.  If keys go missing, knowing exactly how many exist is important – it can be the difference between successfully tracking down the thief and them getting away.

Having a regular locksmith will also allow you to keep a consistent and accurate estimation of the security of your home or business, without getting different opinions each time – a too many cooks spoil the broth situation.  Building a long-term relationship with a locksmith as your main security professional is beneficial.  It allows you to work with them to create a consistent, unified security plan – and, being a regular customer often will help you squeeze into tight schedules or otherwise get preferential treatment from your locksmith; people are generally more willing to accommodate people they’ve worked with for a long time!

The GTA Lockman would love to be your regular locksmith.  We guarantee that you won’t find better-trained locksmith technicians anywhere in Toronto. All of our locksmiths are knowledgeable, armed with the latest and greatest tools and information to help you with your security needs.  We’ll help ensure that you, your home and your business are safe and secure.


Why Do People Call Locksmiths?

Why Do People Call Locksmiths

As veteran locksmiths, we’ve been called for a wide variety of reasons.  Every time you think you’ve seen it all, a new call will come in with its own unique circumstances.   The experts at GTA Lockman are happy to provide the entire Greater Toronto Area with high-quality locksmith services, no matter what the needs are.

Some people call us out for home security.  No one wants to be the victim of a crime; to come home and find their goods and possessions stolen.  No one wants their homes to be broken into while they’re inside, either – that’s an issue of safety!  Bars on the windows, cameras on the door – they’re all well and good, but the first line of security is a quality door lock.  GTA Lockman installs the highest-quality residential door locks and deadbolts around, giving you piece of mind.

Some people call us because they’ve lost their keys.  A high-security lock is great…when your key is at hand.  Some days, though, you’ll lock them inside, or forget them at work.  Sometimes, you won’t know what happened to them, and other times, you won’t believe what happened – we’ve seen keys washed down storm drains, absentmindedly placed in freezers, flushed down toilets – you name it, it’s happened.  That’s when an emergency 24/7 locksmith comes in handy – we come to you at any time, day or night, to get you out of your jam.

When you trust GTA Lockman, you know you’re getting an experienced, professional locksmith whenever and wherever you need them.  With great service day or night, you can trust us with your home security.

That’s the bottom line – people call locksmiths, and the GTA Lockman in particular, because they trust us.  Home security is an exceptionally important part of your life – whether you’re upgrading your existing security or trying to deal with problems with your current security.  We’re glad to have the trust and respect of our friends and neighbors here in the GTA, and we will continue to provide all of them with the highest quality locksmith services.

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The Benefits of Professional Lock Installation

The Benefits of Professional Lock InstallationThese days, anyone can go down to their local hardware store and buy their own lock and deadbolt.  They can install it themselves, completely DYI.  Why bother going with a professional locksmith at all?  If you’re handy, you can do it yourself, right?

While that’s not entirely false, it’s almost a guarantee that a DYI lock installation will not be as safe or secure as a professional installation.  Nothing compares with the peace of mind you get when you know that your locks have been properly installed, and your home safety has been secured.

Your front door lock is your main line of defense against burglars and unwanted intruders.  A poorly installed lock is a weak point.  We can’t count the number of times we’ve gone out to a site and found a weak or badly installed dead bolt.  A badly installed lock can actually lower your security – it’s a place for burglars and thieves to attack.

If you’re picking up a lock from a big box store, also keep in mind that you’re likely getting a cheapo, low-budget lock.  Even from reputable manufacturers, these are often built to very low standards to keep costs down.  We install only the highest-quality locks – and, more to the point, we know which locks work best for which situations.  We’ll ensure that you get the best lock for your budget and situation.

Most hardware store employees won’t know as much about the locks they sell as we do, either!  While some employees can be very helpful, most stores don’t have anyone who specializes in locks.  They have to cover a wide variety of merchandise, and don’t have the same level of expertise on everything they sell.  If you have questions about your lock installation, the experts at GTA Lockman will be a much more trustworthy place to turn to than a generalist.

If you want to ensure your lock installation is done right, trust the experts.  Call GTA Lockman today.


How Can Master Rekeying Help You?

How Can Master Rekeying Help You?There’s an inherent contradiction in security needs for owners of businesses or managers of apartment complex.  They need to be able to access all of the apartments or offices in their complex at all times, so they need a key that works on all locks.  On the other hand, tenants need to be able to lock their own space and not be able to access anyone else’s space.  A universal key would be great for the landlord, but a massive security flaw for the tenants.  Individual keys are great for the tenants, but can be a massive hassle for landlords.

There is a solution, however.  A trained locksmith, like the experts at GTA Lockman, can rekey the entire complex, installing a master key system.  It’s the best of both worlds – it gives the owner access to all units, and preserves individual privacy for the tenants.

How does it work?  While there are a number of different systems, for standard pin-tumbler locks, you essentially have two keys that work.  There are multiple shear lines in the lock cylinder.  Each lock has its own unique shear line, meaning that each tenant’s individual key will work on that lock and that lock alone.  They also, however, have a common shear line – one pattern that will work on every lock in the set.  That’s for the master key, and that’s what allows the landlord to have one key that will work in all locks.

Landlords do have other options – they could install electronic keypad locks with their own master combination on all locks, for example.  Master keying, however, is simple, quick and comparatively inexpensive – and certainly easier than trying to keep track of dozens of keys!

The experts at GTA Lockman will ensure that your master rekeying goes smoothly.  Contact us today, and we’ll help shore up your security!