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Panic Bars and Exit Devices

Installation & Repair Services


Compliance With Fire Codes and Safety Laws with installing panic bars

Panic bar (commonly known as crash bar, push bar or an exit bar) are essential for any physical-based business.

It is paramount you can get out of doors and emergency exits without trouble during an emergency. These devices are some of the most important things a business owner can implement.

Lockman Locksmiths in Toronto can send a professional to install proper locks on security exits and make sure they work 100% of the time so you stay up with the code.

Panic bars & Exit device

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Panic Bars & Exit Devices we install & Repair

Lockman locksmith in Toronto can service your hardware for all of the automatic doors and electrified panic devices you might have.
Everything from auto re-locking devices to exit doors, to vertical rod exit devices to rim mounted exit devices, Lockman has you secured and will not let you down.

There exist options such as panic bar devices that are electrified and they can be substituted for a magnetic lock and electric strike if it’s plausible.

The Three Types of Exit Devices

  1. Touch bars

  2. cross bars

  3. integral devices

Our locksmiths install and repair all type of exit devices.

Touch Bar Device
Cross Bar Device
Cross Bar Device
Cross Bar Device

Four Types of Panic Devices

  1. Rim

  2. concealed vertical rod

  3. surface vertical rod

  4. mortise

Your door will determine the right kind of device to be used. If you don’t know which one is right for you, our locksmith team is happy to help you make the right choice.

GTA Lockman can provide you state-of-the-art exit devices that can be either stand alone or retro-fitted to what you are working with now.

Rim exit device
Rim cylinder panic bar
Mortise exit device
Mortise exit device
surface vertical rod exit device
surface vertical rod exit device
Concealed vertical rod panic bar
Concealed vertical rod panic bar
  • Do Your Doors Require Exit Devices? 
    Most buildings and indoor areas in Toronto and GTA where more than 50 people are permitted to assemble are required to be equipped with exit devices. 
  • How much does it cost to install a panic bar?
    Regular panic bar
    (Grand 2/3) with installation will coast yo between 500$-700$. 
    Panic bar that equipped with alarm or vertical rod will cost between 1300$-2200$ including installation.

Panic Nomenclature

Some people call them “crash bars”, while others call them “exit devices”, and still others call them “panic devices”. Usually, people mean the same thing when they say these words and depending on the context, they have the potential to be very different.

Make sure you secure your exits and are up to code by getting in touch with Lockman. Our locksmiths in Toronto has been helping saving lives for years with the products and services they offer.

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