Door Closer Installation & Repair


Need a door closer installed on your property?

When it comes to the doors in a business, you want these to be flawless. After all, the door is what people are going to be using to come into the location, but it is also the door that you use to ensure that you feel safe at night.
When there are door closing issues, it can not only affect your peace of mind, but it can results in the building not being as secure as it could be.

Who do you call when you have a door closing issue? GTA Lockman in Toronto…that is who!

Door Closer Installation & Repair

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Commercial Door Closers problems

Our expert locksmiths are going to be able to look at your door closer and find out just what is going on. Some of the issues that could be happening include:

Incorrect door closers installed on the commercial doors.
You would be surprised at how many times we have found that commercial doors are not using a commercial closer, which is going to guarantee that these will not work properly.

– The doors could be misaligned which is not going to allow this to work properly.

– Damage the door frame can utility affect how this door is closing, which then affects the door closer.

– Unusual door movement, such as this being pulled more, opened too wide, damaged or whatnot from those who are walking in and out of the business.

– There could be seal repairs that are needed or oil leaks in these door closers that need to be replaced.

– It could also be a difficult lock that is compromising the door closer.

Hydraulic Door Closer Repair near me

If you are wanting a new door closer installed, we can get this done.
We can recommend a door closer that is going to fit your needs and stand the test of all those who are coming and going.
For those who are looking for repairs, we can also get out to your location and find out what the problem is.
For many problems that we run into we find that adjusting the height, or even fixing a loose arm is all that is needed to get this functioning yet again.

As a family owned and operated business, GTA Lockman in Toronto is here for more than just a simple lock out of a home or business.
We are here to ensure that your business is secured, which includes the door closers that are on doors.

  • My door is closing too fast can you adjust the door closer?
    Yes, adjusting the door closer is a simple task there is 2 screws on the side of the closer just turn it very slowly and check the door speed.
  • My door closer is leaking oil do i need to replace it?
    Yes a door closer thats oil is leaking from it can’t be repaired.
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