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Residential Door Repair & Installation


Door Installation and Repair in Toronto & GTA

The entry point to your home, aka the door is a huge part of your home.
After all, have you ever feared leaving your home because you know the door does not lock properly? Or maybe you come home and can’t get into your home because the door lock is messed up or the door itself is wedged shut? When this is the case, residential door repair is going to be needed.

And you will find that The GTA Lockman is here to make it happen so that you feel safe and happy in your home once again.

We offer flexible appointment times and scheduling. Reach out to (647) 955-3277 for your residential door repair service in Toronto & GTA

Door Installation service - Reliable Service, When You Need It

A properly working door on your property is a must have.
Not having a door is unheard of! With this being said, we offer several types of doors to meet your needs and also appease the visuals that you hope to have with the door on your home. We can also:

– Work on glass doors for patios or whatnot

– Fix garage doors that may become an issue

If there is a door that you want, we can install it.
We can also provide you with an opinion on the type of door that will work best for your home and the purpose of that door.

Our professional handymen are skilled at installing:

  • Screen Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • Interior & Exterior Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • French Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Closet Doors
New house door installation
New house door installation
Door installation for house
Front Door installation
Lock installation on new door
Lock installation on new door
Closet door installation
Automatic Sliding Doors

Residential Home Door Adjustment & Repair

When it comes to door repair, it may be the door itself, or it could simply be the lock. We can work with you to ensure:

– A properly working lock for your door

– Reduce the noise from outside with better fitting doors

– Fix doors that are warped, falling, sagging and the like

– We do work on wooden doors, as well as other materials

A repair can be made on any door or lock to prolong the life of this door or lock so that you do no have to face a new installation.

Reasons your door is not closing:

  • Lock mechanisms damaged
  • Latch not entering the frame
  • Door closer out of adjustment
  • Hinges need to be adjusted

Emergency Door Repair service in Toronto & GTA

We are also available for emergency door repair when it is needed.
What makes an emergency situation? If you get home and cannot get into your home because the door lock is no longer working or that stubborn door will not relent and open, we are who to call.

An emergency situation can arise at any time, and that is why we have crews on standby to handle this for you. Once we leave, you know that your door will work again and never fear being stuck outside in whatever weather we happen to have that day.

Whatever door need you have, whether you need a new door, need a repair or have an emergency, The GTA Lockman is here to help.

Reach out to (647) 955-3277 now to schedule service.

  • How do you fix a door that hits the frame?
    In this case you will have to replace your hinges we recommend heavy duty  hinges.
  • Can you fix a broken door frame?
    Yes, we can repair and replace doors frame and install metal reinforcement plate on the door frame.
  • Can you fix a door latch not catching?
    Yes we can adjust the door and the lock plate on the frame.

Residential Interior And Exterior Door Maintenance

Do doors need maintenance work? Yes! Over time, elements in any door, whether this is a garage door, the entry way door or even a door in your home can become worn.
It can result in locks not working properly, doors not shutting right, and even door knobs to no longer latch.
With our maintenance services we can ensure that problems do not become major issues later down the road.

Residential Door Parts And Accessories

Lock installation in Etobicoke
Electronic lock installation
Door plate installation
Door plate installation
High security Deadbolt
High security Deadbolt
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