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Lock Change Service

When your locks are damaged or need to be replaced for peace of mind, the GTA Lockman is here to make this happen.

Need same-day service to change your lock?

Lock-change & lock-re-key

Skip the trip to the store.

We bring the store to your door step.

Lock Change Toronto

Skip the DIY.

Get any lock professionally installed as soon as today.

Need Extra Keys?!

We can make you extra keys on the spot.

Simply give us a call and we can arrange a time that works for you to get to your home or business to ensure your locks are going to be safe and protect your home or business.


GTA Lockman can Replace and Change All Types of Locks

When it comes to the locks that are used on residential and commercial properties, there are several types. Our locksmith will visit your home and offer you the appropriate solutions for high quality lock replacements that suit your needs.
Here are the most common locks:

Deadbolt Locks
Deadbolt Locks
Electronic Locks
Electronic Locks
Handle Set
Handle Set
Storefront Locks
Storefront Locks
Handles & Knobs
Handles & Knobs
Office Locks
Office Locks
High Security Locks
High Security Locks
Patio Door Locks
Patio Door Locks

No matter the type of lock, whether this is residential, commercial or even a smart lock, the GTA Lockman has the experience and expertise to make these work for you!

Providing The Best And Most Professional Door Lock Replacement Services In Toronto.

For commercial properties, they may have locks like:

We also deal with smart locks.
These smart locks are often keyless entry and require a mobile in order to access them. There are even smart locks that use biometrics to open to those who are programmed into these locks. 

No matter the type of lock, whether this is residential, commercial or even a smart lock, the GTA Lockman has the experience and expertise to make these work for you!

Office lock change

We’ll install your new lock for that perfect fit and finish.

Our skilled technicians are experienced with most every type of commercial and residential lock on the market.

We have knowledge in lock installing, repairing and replacing locks from brands like Medeco, Yale, Kwikset, Mul-T-Lock, Corbin Russwin, Segal and so much more.

Whether you are in need of lock changes to ensure that no one has keys you don’t know about such as when moving into a new home or business, or you see physical damage that shows these locks are not working properly, we are here to help!

The Process for lock replacement is Simple

Once you call us with the need for a door lock replacement, we will arrange to get to you asap.
From there, we will examine the lock and determine if the lock needs repaired or completely replaced.

Once the problem is analyzed, when then offer our best solution to you as well as the price for the fix.

You have the final say in just what needs to be done.
We then perform the work to the highest standard.  

Lock Smith Toronto

When Should you Change your Locks?

This is a commonly asked question and for good reason.
There are several ways that you will notice that mean your locks should be changed. For example:

– If you notice that the key is not turning the lock, even if the key is correct, it often signifies that the internal lock is damaged.

You have lost your keys and want to ensure that no one can gain access to your property.

– The lock itself is looking worn and rusty.

– You have a lock that is damaged from an attempted break in.

You have recently relocated and want to change the locks out to ensure that the old tenants no longer have access.

Whether, you find that the locks need changed due to time, or you simply want to ensure that your property is safe, the GTA Lockman is here to make it happen.
Simply give us a call from any area of Toronto, and we will get you fixed up! 

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