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Smart Door Lock Installation


Smart Door Lock Installation and Service

When it comes to installing a smart door lock, it does require skill and precision to ensure that these are working as they should.
That is why we do not recommend that you try to do this on your own.
You need a skilled locksmith to install this for you and that is what you get with GTA Lockman.
We take pride in giving quality work, affordable rates, and ensuring that your home or business is safe.

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we offer Wide range of smart locks

Schlage Bluetooth Locks
Schlage Sense
Nest Yale
August Lock
August Lock

We offer many brands and models please contact us at (647) 955-3277 for free consultation

Lock and unlock your door from wherever you are

Smart Lock Installation Toronto

When it comes to getting a smart lock installed, this is going to have to work with your smart home system.
Otherwise, you may have a ton of issues. Our technicians have the know-how to ensure that the entire home system is going to work with these smart locks. It makes it much easier on your when our technicians handle this for you as it saves you hours of having to read manuals and the like to learn how to operate this.
Our technicians can lay out what you need to do, how to do this and always be available if you need smart door lock services in the future.

  • What Smart Door Locks does GTA LockMan Install?
    We install all Smart Door Locks, both deadbolts and levers. 
  • Will you teach me how to use my new Smart Door Lock?
    Yes. As part of our service guarantee, Our technician will show you how to use your Smart Door Lock installation.
  • Does a Smart Door Lock installation required drilling new holes in my door?
    If your door requires any modifications, our technician will quote the additional cost.

Why Smart Door Locks Are The Way To Go

Keyless Lock Installation Toronto

Smart door locks are becoming more popular and there are many reasons for this:

  • You no longer have to carry around a bunch of keys in order to open your door.
  • They are pick proof since they are electronic so it is harder to force entry into these doors.
  • You have more control as you can hook up your smartphone to unlock this for you when you arrive at your home or business, you can even make this work with fingerprints!
  • They are super sleek looking helping to increase the appeal of the door on your home or business.
  • Need to let someone into your home while you are away? You can easily do this from your phone!

Smart door locks are the future of security for a business or home, and with all the benefits they offer, there is no wonder why so many people are going with these!

Call GTA Lockman Today for Your Smart Door Lock Installation and Services

If you already have a smart door lock that is not acting as it should, then we are here to make certain that you are not going to experience any issues.
And if you have been debating on going with smart door locks, we are here to make that happen as well.
Call us today to get started and set up your home or business with cutting edge technology

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