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Reinforcement Plate Installation

We can easily reinforce weak spots and replace the smaller, vulnerable latch and deadbolt strikes commonly installed with entry door hardware.

Add Extra Security to Your Home to Help Prevent Forced Entry

If someone wants to break into your home, the most likely method is to simply break through the front or rear door. 
If you want to understand how to secure a door from being kicked in, it is quite simple.
There are a number of devices available that will help reinforce your doors.

Start with the most vulnerable elements:  hinges, locks, and strike plate. 
Replace the half-inch screws that hold these elements in place with sturdy, three-inch screws.  

There are other measures you can take to reinforce a door to prevent a kick in and here are some of them. 
You will be happy to learn that even the best door reinforcement hardware are not overly expensive and it will not aesthetically affect the appearance of entryways. 

Plate Prevent Forced Entry

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Installing A Deadbolt Lock Is Importent

Deadbolt lock installation

Deadbolts are much stronger than an ordinary lock. 
If you have any exterior doors that are not equipped with a deadbolt, it is a good idea to have them installed.  The deadbolt strike plate is inserted into the door frame.  Even if you replaced the small screws with larger ones, it is advisable to upgrade to a door strike plate reinforcement. 
This spreads any force over a larger area and makes it more difficult to break the frame during an attempted forced entry.

A door security plate provides strength around the doorknob and latch, which help keep a door closed. 
This is just an additional measure of reinforcement that is easy and inexpensive.

Door Jamb Security Reinforcement and Frame Repair

The next place to consider is door jamb reinforcements.  Consider hinge guards that keep the hinges secure even if someone is pounding on the door.  

There are even more physical barriers that you can install even if the mounting hardware is damaged. 
A swing bar lock is what you find on hotel room doors. 
It is a device that allows you to open the door to see who is out there without fully exposing the interior.  It gives you a better view than a peephole.  

A bit more obvious are door barricades. 
They fit onto the door and frame or on the floor.  There are different models that provide a wedge on a hinge, a sliding plate, or other apparatus, but the basic is that it prevents the door from opening easily.

Low tech options include a door bar. 
This is a strong pole with a notch to fit under the door knob and a gripper element that rests on the floor.  It resists pressure to open the door. 
It is recommended for renters or even dorm rooms.

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