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Electric strike

GTA LockMan install electric strikes for businesses, offices, commercial and residential buildings, and industrial facilities in Toronto & GTA.

How do electric strikes work?

Electric or electronic strikes are a locking mechanism on doors that provide a safety measure. 
A strike is the metal plate that has a hole within the door frame. 
It also is equipped with metal pieces held by hinges. 
The metal swings and the door is opened.

These strikes work on the principle that the lock engages when it reaches the strike. 
With a key, or credential, the strike releases and allows the latch to retract and you may enter through that door. 

You frequently see these in areas of restricted entry. 
The door closes behind you and the lock is again automatically engages. 
It does require electricity to operate so if there is a power outage, the door will not open.  Backup power supplies are recommended.

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The Benefits of Buzzer system

Electric Strikes Installation & Repair

These strikes have many benefits.  Since they can only be activated with a security card, pin number, or specific remote device, they offer security.
Remote systems can be used for private offices or even a bedroom. 

That allows the occupant to only allow entrance to someone they want. 
Using a pin code means that no card is necessary and you have control over who receives the exact code.
In addition, electric strikes come with a range of features and functions, including:

  • Electric strikes with keypads or card readers
  • Electric strikes with access control system integration
  • Electric strikes with manual override
  • Electric strikes with monitor

Electric Strikes Installation & Repair

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