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Change just your key instead of the whole lock

When keys have been lost or there has been a breach in security, one of the simplest solutions is to have a lock re-key service performed.
By rekeying a lock, a different set of keys will be used from that point forward to unlock the door.
All older keys will no longer be of any use.
This is an advised solution for any home or business when there is a possibility that keys have fallen into the wrong hands or owners wish to keep someone with the original key out of the building.

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Lock Rekeying Service, Changing Keys for Locks

Lok rekey Toronto

It isn’t always convenient to install new locks when problems arise with an old lock.
If there is nothing wrong with the lock, but there is a problem with the original set of keys, lock re-keying offers another alternative.
If keys have been lost, it’s always wise to start fresh and issue new keys.
One never knows when lost keys may pose a risk to the security of a home or business.

GTA Lockman can take care of the problem in a timely manner, working at the location to make it possible to use new keys with a different pattern on any lock that is a concern.
Consider it an extra insurance policy for protection.

Benefits of Rekeying Locks

  • Saving Money
  • One Key, Multiple Locks
  • Keep the Existing Hardware
  • Allows for Master Key Option

When Should I Rekey My Locks?

  • Moving Into a New Home
  • Changing Older Locks
  • You’ve Lost Your Keys
  • If want all the lock in the house to work with only one key

If the lock is broken or very old, then rekeying is not an ideal solution because the lock is never going to be 100% secure. Replacing the lock completely is a more viable option.

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Lock Re-Key ServiceOur locksmith in Toronto has a solid reputation for taking care of our customers in the private and business world.
Our highly trained team of locksmiths have the skills and experience that can be trusted when problems arise with locks.
Stolen and lost keys can be inconvenient, Our mobile locksmith service can resolve the issue by re-keying locks, putting new keys into the hands of those who need them. When trouble arises with locks at businesses and homes, GTA Lockman is the solution.
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Most frequent questions and answers

If your current lock is in a good condition and you only want a new set of keys then rekeying the lock is will be the solution.

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