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Door Alignments


Is your door don't close because it rubs the door frame ? WE CAN HELP

Door alignments protect your home and wallet.
A door alignment resets your door so that the spacing around the door is even.
A perfectly aligned door will open, close, and lock more easily and securely.
Ensuring proper alignment increases your home’s security by reducing the risk of forced entry.
A properly closed and locked door is much harder to break into.


Watch for Signs of Misalignment

Three signs identify whether a door is misaligned.
Your entry door may be misaligned if it requires pulling or tugging to shut and lock it. Misaligned doors often rub against the surrounding frame. The rubbing may cause scuffs and scratches on the door frame or the door itself.
Listen to the sounds your door makes when you shut it.
A door that is hung straight and aligned will swing open and closed without making a sound.
If your door squeaks, scratches, or creaks, it is no longer aligned.

Door Alignments Save Money

Ensuring that your door is aligned will save you money in the long run.
If your door is misaligned, then the spacing between the door and the frame varies from side to side.
The variance in spacing creates gaps and causes drafts, which increase both heating and cooling expenses.
A misaligned door also causes increased pressure on hinges and locking mechanisms.
Both of these issues can result in damage to your door and doorframe.
Replacing a door and its frame can cost more than a thousand dollars!


GTA Lockman offers several services to ensure your home’s security.
Door alignments are just one of the many services provided by GTA Lockman.
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