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Door Frames - Repair & Replace


Improve Your Home’s Security

Improving your home’s security could be as simple as repairing or replacing your entry door’s frame.
Minimal dents, scratches, and cracks can be filled or buffed out with a few simple repairs, but extensive damage may require a frame replacement.
Our specialists can advise which door frame service your entry door needs.

Door Frames- Repair & Replace

Repair Your Door Frame

Our team offers specialized experience in door frame repairs and replacements.
Give us a call today to learn how we can help restore the framework for steel, wooden, or specialty doors.
Do not underestimate the importance of a solid and dependable door frame. 

Your entry door is composed of a strong material and a sturdy frame surrounds the door to enhance your security.
Your front door is the sole barrier to entry into your home.
We understand that and aim to ensure that it is in the best condition possible.

Replace Your Door Frame

If the damage is too extensive for repairs and requires a door frame replacement, our team offers the expertise and knowledge to replace steel, wooden, and custom-made door frames.
We begin by measuring the size of the door frame and obtaining the new frame.

Once we’ve acquired all of the materials necessary to replace the door frame, we will remove the entry door from the damaged one and replace it.
Preparing the materials beforehand ensures that the door frame is replaced quickly with minimal inconvenience to the homeowner.

GTA Lockman offers several services to ensure your home’s security.
Door alignments are just one of the many services provided by GTA Lockman. Contact them today for flexible scheduling and consultation.

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