Deadbolt Locks Installation


Do you need a new deadbolt installed in your door?

Safety is often the primary concern for people when thinking about homes and offices.
The goal is to make them as secure as possible to prevent the worst from happening. While there are many different options on the market to protect homes and offices, some are more effective than others.
The traditional lock and key system works fairly well, but there are options out there to make things even more secure. Adding a dead bolt to a door will help with increasing protection.

Deadbolt Locks Installation

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What is a deadbolt lock?

For those who don’t know, a dead bolt is the lock that can be pushed to the side that is often used in addition to the key lock.
Dead bolts are made out of strong steel, and they extend all the way into the door jamb hole, which is then reinforced with thin steel plates and screws.
Depending on the quality purchased, having a deadbolt installed by a locksmith can cost up to $600.

Not all deadbolt locks are the same

  • Grade 1 is the strongest grade mostly used for businesses but can be used in personal residences as well.
  • Grade 2 is considered to be for high residential security and low commercial grade. 
  • Grade 3 is the basic residential security lock.

Most Common Deadbolt Locks We Install

Installing A Deadbolt Lock Is Importent

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The classic lock and key system requires a key to unlock the door from the outside and can be locked and unlocked from the inside with a twist.
Double bolts require a key to unlock the door from both the inside and the outside.
The dead bolt is an added measure of protection since the key lock is usually fairly weak.
Most burglaries involve forced entry, and having an extra layer of protection is very helpful.

While a traditional lock and key system is effective for many homes and businesses throughout the world, there are instances in which adding a double bolt can be a good idea.
Even if there has never been an issue before, sometimes it adds an extra level of comfort for someone to have more protection in the home or workplace.
For those who are mechanically inclined, the cost of installing a deadbolt lock is even lower.

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