Multi-Point Locks Installation and Service

Multipoint locking is an innovative means of protecting your most valuable assets and spaces. The typical break-in occurs when a burglar tries to pry the door

Our technicians are experienced with the top multi-point door locks. We service all door lock brands.

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One of the best security locking systems is a Multi-Point locking system. 
They are designed with a live bolt and deadbolt, as well as multiple hook and compression bolts. 
Generally to operate you will need to lift the door handle a bit and turn the key. 
Then you are set. These are offered in various designs to suit your needs.

Just like anything mechanical, over time it can wear down or malfunction in some way.

If the door and its frame move out of position, the locking system is no longer in proper alignment. 
This usually happens with older doors with hinges that need replacement. 
Since you need to raise the door handle to operate the system, if you notice the handle sagging or out of position at all, it indicates over usage and need for attention. 
In any lock system, the key can have problems turning or sticking. 
With a multi-point locking system, this can mean a less secure system or the potential that you could be locked out.

What Are the Main Multi Point Locking System Problems?

  • Misalignment

  • Drooping Handles

  • Trouble Turning the Key

Multi-Point Lock Repair, Service and Replacement

We Can Help with all you Multi-Point Locks problems

These systems are manufactured by different companies but when you contact GTA Lockman, you can be sure that our field personnel are fully trained to resolve your situation.  We stock many brands for parts or replacement. 
Our employees are specially trained to deal with multi-point systems, which need specific handling. 
If we are not able to completely solve your problem, we will at least be able to adjust the mechanisms so that you can have a secure building or home until the correct part is available from the manufacturer.  

We are also available for regular maintenance. 
With careful attention, your system can be operational for many years.
If you wish, we can also provide estimates for upgrades and replacements. 
In that way, there is less chance of a lockout or emergency situation. 
Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

  • Multi-point lock replacement
  • Euro profile cylinders
  • Hinge Adjustments
  • Lock service and lubrication
  • Fuhr to Hoppe lock conversions
  • Installation and repair of locks
  • Sliding door locks
  • Custom installation
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