Lock Installation Service


Hire The Best Locksmith Experts Near You For All Types Of Residential & Commercial Lock Installation.

We offer commercial and residential lock installation services in Toronto that you can trust.
The lock to a home or business is meant to provide you with security and safety. GTA Lockman has years of experience in lock installation in the Toronto area. We are so secure in our lock installation services that we guarantee the work that your home or business will need done.

Lock Installation Service

We offer flexible appointment times and scheduling. Reach out to (647) 955-3277 for your locksmith service in Toronto & GTA

Door Lock Installation in Toronto

Despite what people think, installing a lock on a door is not as easy as they think.
This is something that many people learn the hard way. However, not everyone will do the job as good as it needs to be done.
Choosing GTA Lockman ensures that you will get great results, there is no waste of your time or money, and that your home or business is going to be secure.
We install any type of door locks, so there is no worry that you can’t get what you really want.
Plus, we ensure that there will be no damage to your door after our technicians install your new lock.

Toronto Smart Lock Installation - Keyless and electronic locks

The use of smart devices that control several elements throughout the home has become a go-to for many homeowners and business owners.
Smart locks installation is something that we can handle as well.
Our smart locks are meant to allow you to remotely control this if needed, as well as eliminating the need to carry tons of keys with you when you leave your home or business.
You will find that this is an intelligent system that is meant to save you time and make your home or business more secure. 

Best seller Electronic Door Locks

Schlage Bluetooth Locks
Schlage Sense
Schlage Connect
Schlage Connect
Emtek Keyless
Emtek Keyless
Schlage Camelot Mechanical Electronic Deadbolt (Satin Nickel)
Schlage Camelot
  • Can i change the password in my keyless lock?
    Yes, you can add and erase codes all the time, in most electronic locks you can have as high of 30 different codes. 
  • Are those locks good for residential and commercial doors.
    we offer many type of electronic locks that can be use for residential and commercial use.

Deadbolt Lock Installation in Toronto

Deadbolts are just another security measure that people are taking with their doors, and it is highly recommended.
We have technicians on hand that can easily install a new deadbolt for a door, or even replace the existing deadbolt when it no longer secures as it should. 

Here at GTA Lockman, we handle several types of lock installations throughout the area. These include:

– Commercial lock installation

– Magnetic lock installation

– Smart lock installation

– Residential lock installation

– Digital lock installation

– Front door lock installation

– And much more!

When it comes to your locks, you do not want to leave this to chance.
Our skilled technicians can come to your home or business and look at what you have, make recommendations on what you should use in order to make this more secure, and then proceed with doing the work. GTA Lockman is here for all your lock installation needs in Toronto, no matter if this is after typical business hours or on the weekends!

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