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Honda ignition suddenly won’t turn anymore? Your key is stuck in the lock?

Do you find that your Honda key is not working as it should? Maybe it is not turning or it gets stuck in the lock. When this happens you probably are online trying to find a solution.
But, if you are still stuck that is what GTA Lockman is here for! We offer speedy service so that you do not have to worry about your Honda key issues, whether this is the ignition key or the door locks!

Honda ignition repair Toronto

We offer flexible appointment times and scheduling. Reach out to (647) 955-3277 for your Automotive locksmith service in Toronto & GTA

Reasons why a Honda Lock is Not Working

There are several reasons why a Honda lock may not be working. Some of the more common reasons include:

- The key is damaged.

When a key is damaged it is not going to property turn the ignition or the lock to unlock a door. The only remedy is to replace the key itself to one that is not damaged and is going to work with the lock.

- The transmission is in gear

Many people who have an issue with the ignition key not coming out or being stuck will find that their transmission may still be in reverse, drive or even neutral rather than park. You may find that putting the ignition back to on and making sure that this is in park is the best way to get the key to let loose.

- A faulty ignition cylinder

An ignition cylinder can get jammed and cause the key to be unable to get into the lock or even come out. If you see nothing that is jamming it from inside the Honda, then chances are it is time to swap out the ignition cylinder.

- Accumulated pressure on the wheel

Sometimes, the pressure on the wheel will not allow a key to be removed from the ignition lock. Moving the wheel to a new position can help to relieve this pressure and remove the key. 

Most Honda dealers in Toronto will not take the time to pull the ignition out and fix it. It’s faster and more convenient to replace all the locks in the car (Between $900 – $1,200 + Towing).

We offer flexible appointment times and scheduling.
Reach out to (647) 955-3277 for your Automotive locksmith service in Toronto & GTA

Honda is Notorious for Lock Issues

Honda is one of those brands that is notorious for lock issues. The Honda’s use a split wafer system for their locking, which are very sensitive to dirt and dust. Plus, these wafers can get worn over time resulting in a lock issue.
If you have a Honda that has these issues, don’t want until you are stranded, call the GTA Lockman today to come out and get the problem rectified before you are stranded. 

Give us the opportunity, and we will go above and beyond your expectations to solve your lock problems.

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