Erase Keys from Car Memory


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The one question that we always get from people is why would anyone want to erase keys from the car memory? There are tons of reasons why this is needed, and why GTA Lockman offers this as a service to those who call us for their needs. 

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Erase Keys from Car Memory

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Why Erase Keys from Car Memory?

There are several reasons that people want to do this. These reasons include:

– If you have recently got a new car, you may want to do this in case there are tons of keys out there.
You don’t want to take the chance that the previous owner can get access to the car.

You have lost the keys and have gotten a replacement.
You will want to ensure that while the keys are missing, you will want to protect your car from other people getting access in the chance that the keys were stolen.

– You simply want to ensure that your car is more secure when you know that there are tons of people who may have access to this car.

Our car key experts Can Handle This

Here at GTA Lockman, we can handle this type of issue for you. In the event that you have replaced the key, we will recommend that you erase the previous key from the car memory.
This way, we can ensure that your car is protected and that you are protected as well. 

We handle all types of cars when it comes to erasing keys from the car memory. We can handle car brands like Ford, Dodge, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Honda and so many more.
If you have the fear that there are numerous keys out there to your car, then give us a call to have the car memory erased so that these keys will no longer work.
We offer service 24/7 and will get to you asap so that you can have peace of mind when it comes to your car! 

Give us the opportunity, and we will go above and beyond your expectations to solve your lock problems.

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