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When it comes to your vehicle, what do you think is the most important aspect of this? While many are focused on the looks of this vehicle, we are talking about how it runs.
When it comes to getting you from point A to point B, there are several elements that are important, but to get started, it is most definitely the ignition.
When the ignition is not working, then you are going no where! 

Ignition Repair Service

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Common Ignition Switch Problems

The ignition switch in a car is what gets the starter to crank the engine, and it is also what controls the vast majority of electronics that you have in your car.
Most cars today have a transponder key that is responsible for starting the ignition.
These transponder keys are sending low-level signals to your car, that tells the ignition switch to start to the car.
It is why ignition switches are so important in terms of functioning properly. 

There are several problems that you can have with an ignition switch that even though you have your keys can leave you stranded.
These problems include:

– The key won’t turn at all, despite the fact that this is the right key for the car.

– The actual key is broke inside the ignition, which doesn’t happen as often as it once did due to the way that these new car keys are made.

– You find that you are having to exert more pressure to get the key to turn compared to what you once did…this could be a sign that you are heading for trouble.

When the ignition switch starts to have an issue, then it is important that you get this repaired as soon as possible.
You will find that if you do not, you will be stranded some time and waiting on a tow truck to come and get your car. 

How Can an Ignition Switch Be Fixed

With an ignition switch it usually involves breaking open the dashboard or steering column wherever the ignition is located.
From there, you have to deal with the lockout pin that is on an ignition switch that could be difficult, depending upon your comfort level with doing this.
Afterwards, it becomes a case of sliding in a new ignition switch and putting it all back together.
It sounds simple enough, but it most definitely isn’t. 

The good news: you can call us for help! At GTA Lockman we can help you with those ignition switch problems before they become major issues that leave you stranded!

  • My Honda ignition is sticky and hard to turn can you fix it?
    Yes, Honda ignition problems are known and we fix them on a weekly basis.
  • I got Hyundai sonata 2009 and the ignition stop turning can you come to me to replace it? 
    Yes, we offer mobile service we come to you with all the parts and fix or replace the ignition on site.

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