High Security Locks


Upgrade to High Security Locks

Think about your current security…is there something missing? While we often think about the cost of a high security lock, we don’t think about the cost that will occur if there is no high security lock.
It makes most people think that now is the time to upgrade to a high security lock.

Way high security locks:

  • Key Control
  • Picking and Bumping Protection
  • Protection from Physical Attack
  • Special Angled Key Cuts 
High security locks

High Security Locks – Installation – Repair

The good news is that GTA Lockman – Mobile Locksmith Service is here to make this happen and to install these locks or even repair those locks that you already have in a professional and discreet manor.
Our goal is your protection in your home, business and vehicle.
High security locks are just one step that you can take to make yourself feel safer at your home or business.

Enhanced Security

We have locks and products that are meant to enhance your security at home or at your business location.
These high security locks deter unauthorized entry by ensuring that there is no way to lock pick the lock, key bump, perform a destructive entry or even use a lock bypass technique.

At GTA Lockman – Mobile Locksmith Toronto we carry tons of high security locks from the best manufacturers out there to ensure that you are always protected.
Our experts can give you direction on which type of lock is going to fit your needs.


GTA LockMan offers high security locks and keys services to residential and commercial clients in Toronto and GTA.
We offer Mul T Lock products that give families peace-of-mind combined with convenience and flexibility.

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Mul T lock Toronto
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Medeco High security door locks utilize solid materials, cylinders, and complex keyways for extra strength and design features that prevent unauthorized entry.
These locks and cylinders are virtually pick proof and bump proof. 

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Best Seller High Security Locks

Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ high security mortise cylinder

Mul-T-Lock Hercular high security Deadbolt

Medeco Maxum deadbolt lock 

Medeco mortise cylinder

Our high security locks offer highest level of protection against physical attack and unauthorized key duplication

When you go with us, you can feel great about the recommendation that we make you.
After all, we are not going to recommend something that we ourselves would not use in our own homes or businesses.
You will find that with high security locks, the equipment that is used is high grade as well, which can include heavy duty steel bolts, solid keys and much more.
All of this is meant to give you even more security

Why should you call us? That is simple

  • Experience

  • Availability

  • Options

We have the experience to make this venture effortless for you, and we are available on weekends, holidays, day or night to help with your security needs.
With the numerous options that we have, we will make sure that your home or business is secure.


Most frequent questions and answers

high security lock key duplicate cardAfter we install high security lock you will receive a special card that you will be authorize to make as much keys as you want.

If you have any locksmith need, simply call our technicians


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