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Entrance Handleset Installations

GTA Lockman offers a wide variety of designs and finishes, from angular to flowing, classic to modern, all designed to ensure that your front door is the perfect introduction to your home.

Front Door Handlesets - For That Perfect Fit And Finish.

Improve your entry door aesthetics today with a gorgeous entrance handle set installation by The GTA Lockman.
With it, you can get an interior trim pack as we offer a wide variety for our customers with unique designs. One thing is sure you will get a handleset matching your interior trim.

Front Door Handlesets
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Available Finish

PVD Polished Brass, US5 Antique Brass, US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze, US15 Satin Nickel, US15A Pewter, US19 Dark Black, US26D Dull Chrome

Available finish

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Spice Up Your Entry Door To The Home

Handlesets are unique door opening and locking mechanisms as it only works on your entry door. You get a more unique with pronounced style providing a stylistic purpose to provide security. 

Most of the handlesets our technicians installed have a lengthy design allowing the keyed deadbolt to rest above the handle.
As a result, you can find them in a single piece or even with the deadbolt separated. 

The portion of the handle features a thumb lever or a button used to disengage the latch from the door frame.
The GTA Lockman offers you modern handlesets with fabulous modern to vintage designs.

Complete Your Interior Element of The Entry Door Today

Nothing completes the interior of your entryway than installing an interior trim pack with a door lever or a door knob working opposite the handle using a thumb lever.
Then, with the latching element, it completes the deadbolt. 

With the trim packs, you can become more creative with decorating your entry door to match your handleset and other door knobs throughout the home. So, invest in a complete entrance handleset installation with The GTA Lockman today. 

Check out the excellent door options with us to find a suitable handleset to match your door. 

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