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When you’re working on securing your home and boosting your home security, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to security systems and security hardware.  One question that homeowners have to ask themselves is whether a state-of-the-art alarm system is sufficient to protect their home, or if they need more?

Obviously, an alarm system is a great boost to your home security, but alone, it actually is not an effective tool for preventing home invasion.  First of all, alarm calls are often low priority for local police – this is because there are so many false alarms (either from an alarm malfunction or user error) that it’s an unreasonable use of manpower to investigate every single one immediately.  Often, it can be a half hour before police arrive to investigate, and that’s more than long enough for a burglar to be in and out.

That’s what a criminal is looking for, after all – something easy to get in and get out quickly, before anyone can arrive to stop them.  This also means that if a burglar’s first few attempts to enter your home are thwarted, they’re likely to leave and move on to an easier target.  Why waste time trying to break in to a secure home when unsecured homes are easier and pose less of a risk of being caught?  A strong and sturdy lock can repel all but the most persistent of burglars immediately, without any risk to your home, family or valuables.

A sturdy lock can also protect you if you’re at home better than an alarm system can.  The extra time it takes for a burglar to gain access can be the time required to call law enforcement and get to a secure location.  A weak lock that’s easy to access can deprive you of that vital reaction time.

An alarm system should be your last line of defense.   It’s no replacement for quality door hardware and properly secured doors and windows.  With high security locks, properly installed by qualified technicians, you can ensure the safety of both your property and your loved ones.

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