Is An Alarm System Enough?

When you’re working on securing your home and boosting your home security, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to security systems and security hardware.  One question that homeowners have to ask themselves is whether a state-of-the-art alarm system is sufficient to protect their home, or if they need more?

Obviously, an alarm system is a great boost to your home security, but alone, it actually is not an effective tool for preventing home invasion.  First of all, alarm calls are often low priority for local police – this is because there are so many false alarms (either from an alarm malfunction or user error) that it’s an unreasonable use of manpower to investigate every single one immediately.  Often, it can be a half hour before police arrive to investigate, and that’s more than long enough for a burglar to be in and out.

That’s what a criminal is looking for, after all – something easy to get in and get out quickly, before anyone can arrive to stop them.  This also means that if a burglar’s first few attempts to enter your home are thwarted, they’re likely to leave and move on to an easier target.  Why waste time trying to break in to a secure home when unsecured homes are easier and pose less of a risk of being caught?  A strong and sturdy lock can repel all but the most persistent of burglars immediately, without any risk to your home, family or valuables.

A sturdy lock can also protect you if you’re at home better than an alarm system can.  The extra time it takes for a burglar to gain access can be the time required to call law enforcement and get to a secure location.  A weak lock that’s easy to access can deprive you of that vital reaction time.

An alarm system should be your last line of defense.   It’s no replacement for quality door hardware and properly secured doors and windows.  With high security locks, properly installed by qualified technicians, you can ensure the safety of both your property and your loved ones.

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How Locksmiths Can Help

How Locksmiths Can HelpWhy call a locksmith like The GTA Lockman?  Here are just a few of the major situations we can help you with:

Replacing Damaged or Lost Keys

When your key is lost or damaged, you can’t open the lock it belonged to!  You could lose access to your own home or vehicle, which will put more than a slight crimp in your plans.  Our trained locksmiths will arrive at your home, car or place of work, replacing your locks or re-keying your doors to get you access to your home once again.

Master Keying

If you have many locks you need to open – say, you’re a property manager or in charge of multiple locations – a master key could be just the thing you need to save yourself from a keyring clogged with dozens of redundant keys.  A master key is a key that’s designed to open a wide variety of locks – each lock has a unique key for a tenant or other resident, and then the one master key owned by the landlord.  Master keying your properties can save you time and aggravation.

New Lock Hardware

If you’re concerned about security – or are just moving into a new home and want to replace the existing door security – a trained locksmith like The GTA Lockman can install newer and stronger door hardware, including deadbolt locks.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing security or are concerned someone might have access to your own locks, new locking hardware can be the answer to your woes.

Lock Repair

Sometimes it’s not the key that’s the issue – it’s a damaged lock itself.  Sometimes, simple wear and tear can harm the lock mechanism.  Other times, they can get jammed or stuck, or have a key break inside the tumbler.  When this happens, a trained locksmith can come, repair your lock in no time at all, and have everything working smoothly once again.

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How to Choose a Front Door

How to Choose a Front DoorOne of the most important parts of your home’s lock security is the door it’s attached to.  A super-strong and secure lock connected to a weak and easy to break door doesn’t really provide you with as much security as you could otherwise have.

There are some common elements of door security and design you should be aware of as you try to create a safer environment.  Here are some things to consider when picking a new front door:


Of course, the first thing you’ll have to decide is what you want your door to be made of.  Wood is a popular choice for aesthetic reasons and can be painted the widest variety of colors – but exposure to the elements can cause them to warp and swell, making them both less functional and less secure.  Steel is a cost-effective secure option, though it can scratch, rust and dent – and when installed with a wood frame, can be vulnerable to crowbar attacks.  Fiberglass is a great compromise material – with interior steel frames, they can provide most of the same support as a steel door while also looking as good as wood.

Weak Points

The weakest point of your door is not the door itself, per se.  Instead, the most likely point of failure is the door jamb and the lock strike plate.  These are most likely to break first when subject to battering.  It’s the combination of door, jamb, strike plate and lock that provides the most effective home security.


It is tempting, aesthetically, to have front doors with plenty of glass in it.  It lets in natural light and can create a warmer atmosphere indoors.  However, too much glass means a burglar can just smash through and unlock the door form the inside.  Avoid glass in your front door or, if you must, compromise with a glass panel placed at the top rather than a larger, more ornate design.


Window Locks and Security

Window Locks and SecurityIf you’ve upgraded your door lock hardware and not your window hardware, you’ve only half-protected your home.

An open window is an easy access point for potential burglars and other home invaders.  Locked windows – and better yet, visibly locked windows – are an important part of keeping your home safe and secure.

If you live in an older home, your windows may not have any locks at all.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you need new windows, however; locking versions of central catches can be retrofitted to make your windows more secure.  You can also add something called a “sash stop” – it’s basically a steel bolt, secured by a key, that ensures an intruder can’t force the window open.

If you have casement windows, the best lock for you is a key locking bolt.  Most casement windows come with some sort of latching mechanism to begin with, but these can be upgraded to provide a higher level of security.

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows, only they swing upwards instead of outwards.  They, too, have special locks that can be added; they rarely come with their own locks to begin with.

Louvre windows are very stylish, but easy target for burglars.  Specialty locks exist for securing these, but there are other options as well, including epoxying the glass panels into place.  That will prevent them from easily being slid out.

Sliding windows are a potential danger, as the panels could be lifted directly out of the frame.  Modern sliding windows come with latching mechanisms to prevent this, but these can always be improved on – sash stops and clamps are other ways to secure the panels to the frame of your window.

For all your door and window hardware needs, trust the experts at The GTA Lockman.  We’ll help keep you safe and secure.

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Essential Home Security Features

Essential Home Security FeaturesThefts and burglaries are every home owner’s nightmare – and you can be a victim even in the safest of neighborhoods.  Many people believe hi-tech gadgets and alarm systems will help keep them safe, and that’s true, to a certain extent.  But before installing complicated door sensors and a web of security cameras, there are some more basic, essential bits of home security you should take care of first.  If these basics of home security aren’t taken care of, all the advanced security features in the world won’t help you.

Actually Lock Up

The most common home invasions happen when people simply leave their doors or windows unlocked.  It’s easy to forget, especially if you’re just popping out to the shops real quick, but when you leave your doors or windows unlocked, it doesn’t matter how good your lock is – it’s not providing any protection.  On a similar note, if you do have an alarm system, make sure it’s actually activated when leaving home.

Protect Your Spare Key

Some people are worried about losing their keys, so they keep an easily accessible spare.  Some people keep it under their doormat, or in a false rock or in the frame over your door.  In fact, so many people do that that it’s become an obvious place for burglars to look, again defeating the purpose of locking your doors.  It’s usually worth the hassle of calling a locksmith to let you back in rather than defeating your own security system.  If you must keep a spare key out, place it somewhere more difficult to find – away from the front door, perhaps in a freestanding A/C unit or grill.  Better yet, have a number of false spare keys as well – a thief usually won’t take the time to try to figure out which of the multiple keys is real, and move on.

High-Quality Doors

One of the more common methods of getting past a lock is kicking the door itself in – a cheap, easy to break door can be target for a smash-and-grab robbery.  Make sure your doors are made of a good, sturdy material – and, if necessary, reinforced with metal or solid wood, especially if you live in a less safe neighborhood.

The experts at the GTA Lockman can help make sure your home has the right hardware to keep you protected.  Call us today!

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The Benefits of Professional Lock Installation

The Benefits of Professional Lock InstallationThese days, anyone can go down to their local hardware store and buy their own lock and deadbolt.  They can install it themselves, completely DYI.  Why bother going with a professional locksmith at all?  If you’re handy, you can do it yourself, right?

While that’s not entirely false, it’s almost a guarantee that a DYI lock installation will not be as safe or secure as a professional installation.  Nothing compares with the peace of mind you get when you know that your locks have been properly installed, and your home safety has been secured.

Your front door lock is your main line of defense against burglars and unwanted intruders.  A poorly installed lock is a weak point.  We can’t count the number of times we’ve gone out to a site and found a weak or badly installed dead bolt.  A badly installed lock can actually lower your security – it’s a place for burglars and thieves to attack.

If you’re picking up a lock from a big box store, also keep in mind that you’re likely getting a cheapo, low-budget lock.  Even from reputable manufacturers, these are often built to very low standards to keep costs down.  We install only the highest-quality locks – and, more to the point, we know which locks work best for which situations.  We’ll ensure that you get the best lock for your budget and situation.

Most hardware store employees won’t know as much about the locks they sell as we do, either!  While some employees can be very helpful, most stores don’t have anyone who specializes in locks.  They have to cover a wide variety of merchandise, and don’t have the same level of expertise on everything they sell.  If you have questions about your lock installation, the experts at GTA Lockman will be a much more trustworthy place to turn to than a generalist.

If you want to ensure your lock installation is done right, trust the experts.  Call GTA Lockman today.


Schlage Connected Locks

Schlage Connected LocksSchlage’s connected locks combine the advanced features you expect out of a high-quality Schlage product with the ability to synchronize with your home automation system.  The result is a state-of-the-art door lock, allowing you to control access to your home, no matter where you are.

Schlage’s connected locks are fully programmable with your smartphone, when paired with a home automation or alarm system.  It’s easily customizable to fit your security needs, with remote notification allowing you to know when someone has entered or exited your home.  It can notify you if the door knob or lever has been disturbed, helping to prevent lock tampering.  You can also be instantly notified with significant force pushes against your door, helping protect against break-ins.  With Schlage Connect, you’re given up-to-the-minute information about the security of your home.

Schlage’s connected laws also boast their keyless access technology.  Complete with a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen, they help with both remote monitoring and at-door privacy.  With memory to store codes for 30 different users, you can allow friends, family members and service providers to access your home, each with their own unique passcode – no more messing around with spare keys!  If there’s someone who needs access for a limited time, you can set them a temporary passcode, and remove it later, thorough a simple smartphone interface.

Schlage’s locks meet the highest standard for durability and safety.  They install in minutes with just a screwdriver.  They’re available in a variety of Schlage’s decorative styles, including Camelot and Century.  They’re a great addition to your home security.

GTA Lockman is proud to offer the complete range of Schlage locks and security accessories to all of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area.  From touchscreens to Bluetooth, keypads to keyless entry, we have a lock that will fit your needs.

With a wide selection of both technology and style options available, you can count on a Schlage lock to meet all of your security needs.


Schlage Keypad Locks

Schlage Keypad LocksA keypad lock is a perfect choice for people who are either tired of carrying their keys around, or have a tendency to misplace them.  Schlage’s keypad locks provide a safe, secure and simple solution to home keyless security.

Schlage’s keypad locks provide all the convenience of keyless access – ideal for both front and back doors, as well as garage doors and other entry points.  They’re easy to install and setup; there’s no complicated programming required, and you can easily replace most existing door hardware in half an hour, using nothing more complicated than a screwdriver.  There are no wires to run, and no circuits to fit – with a three-year battery life, Schlage’s locks couldn’t be easier to work with and use.

Schlage’s keypad can hold up to 19 different user codes – perfect for large families, or buildings that require a large amount of people to enter and exit regularly.  Each member of the family can have their own, unique passcode.  You can also set up passcodes for service professionals, houseguests or temporary workers, and then delete the passcodes when they are gone – no more worrying about spare keys.

For nearly a century, Schlage has been providing homes and businesses with stylish, top-grade hardware.  Schlage’s keypads, deadbolts, knobs and levers, handlesets, auto-lock and flex-lock hardware is the finest in the industry – the gold standard of keeping you and your family secure.

GTA Lockman is proud to offer the complete range of Schlage locks and security accessories to all of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area.  From touchscreens to Bluetooth, keypads to keyless entry, we have a lock that will fit your needs.  We’ll be more than happy to help you pick the lock that best fits your circumstances.

With a wide selection of both technology and style options available, you can count on a Schlage lock to meet all of your security needs.



Schlage Touchscreen Locks

Schlage Touchscreen LocksAre you the sort of person who loses their keys regularly?  Do you hate fumbling around in purses and pockets, looking for your key at inopportune moments?  Do you have an active lifestyle, and can’t be bothered carrying keys around with you at all hours of the day?  Then Shlage touchscreen locks may be just the thing for you.

Schlage’s touchscreen locks reduce points of failure with entering and securing your home.  No key means there’s nothing to lose when you come home.  No lock cylinder means your lock can’t be picked by potential thieves.  It’s the future of home security technology.

Schlage’s Touch and Connect brands have a Grade 2 security rating, which means strong performance for all sorts of different residential applications.  They’re 100{98c926ef0b647bd2f23f2b4cdf6120dd587cc3c527db262d4fe5e050408f2853} pick-proof, giving you peace of mind.

One of the major benefits of Schlage’s touchscreen locks is the multiple passcodes you can use.  Each member of the family can have their own, personalized passcode – and you can assign temporary passcodes for guests, housesitters or service professionals, all without worrying about losing spare keys and keeping your home secure.

Schlage touchscreen locks are easy to install – no special tools required; they’ll go from the box to the door in only minutes with just a common screwdriver.  Their two-year battery life ensures that they’ll keep working strong without regular maintenance, and the fingerprint-resistant numeric touchscreen keeps it looking sharp and stylish, even after years of heavy work.

GTA Lockman is proud to offer the complete range of Schlage locks and security accessories to all of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area.  From touchscreens to Bluetooth, keypads to keyless entry, we have a lock that will fit your needs.

With a wide selection of both technology and style options available, you can count on a Schlage lock to meet all of your security needs.