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Essential Home Security FeaturesThefts and burglaries are every home owner’s nightmare – and you can be a victim even in the safest of neighborhoods.  Many people believe hi-tech gadgets and alarm systems will help keep them safe, and that’s true, to a certain extent.  But before installing complicated door sensors and a web of security cameras, there are some more basic, essential bits of home security you should take care of first.  If these basics of home security aren’t taken care of, all the advanced security features in the world won’t help you.

Actually Lock Up

The most common home invasions happen when people simply leave their doors or windows unlocked.  It’s easy to forget, especially if you’re just popping out to the shops real quick, but when you leave your doors or windows unlocked, it doesn’t matter how good your lock is – it’s not providing any protection.  On a similar note, if you do have an alarm system, make sure it’s actually activated when leaving home.

Protect Your Spare Key

Some people are worried about losing their keys, so they keep an easily accessible spare.  Some people keep it under their doormat, or in a false rock or in the frame over your door.  In fact, so many people do that that it’s become an obvious place for burglars to look, again defeating the purpose of locking your doors.  It’s usually worth the hassle of calling a locksmith to let you back in rather than defeating your own security system.  If you must keep a spare key out, place it somewhere more difficult to find – away from the front door, perhaps in a freestanding A/C unit or grill.  Better yet, have a number of false spare keys as well – a thief usually won’t take the time to try to figure out which of the multiple keys is real, and move on.

High-Quality Doors

One of the more common methods of getting past a lock is kicking the door itself in – a cheap, easy to break door can be target for a smash-and-grab robbery.  Make sure your doors are made of a good, sturdy material – and, if necessary, reinforced with metal or solid wood, especially if you live in a less safe neighborhood.

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