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Schlage Touchscreen LocksAre you the sort of person who loses their keys regularly?  Do you hate fumbling around in purses and pockets, looking for your key at inopportune moments?  Do you have an active lifestyle, and can’t be bothered carrying keys around with you at all hours of the day?  Then Shlage touchscreen locks may be just the thing for you.

Schlage’s touchscreen locks reduce points of failure with entering and securing your home.  No key means there’s nothing to lose when you come home.  No lock cylinder means your lock can’t be picked by potential thieves.  It’s the future of home security technology.

Schlage’s Touch and Connect brands have a Grade 2 security rating, which means strong performance for all sorts of different residential applications.  They’re 100{98c926ef0b647bd2f23f2b4cdf6120dd587cc3c527db262d4fe5e050408f2853} pick-proof, giving you peace of mind.

One of the major benefits of Schlage’s touchscreen locks is the multiple passcodes you can use.  Each member of the family can have their own, personalized passcode – and you can assign temporary passcodes for guests, housesitters or service professionals, all without worrying about losing spare keys and keeping your home secure.

Schlage touchscreen locks are easy to install – no special tools required; they’ll go from the box to the door in only minutes with just a common screwdriver.  Their two-year battery life ensures that they’ll keep working strong without regular maintenance, and the fingerprint-resistant numeric touchscreen keeps it looking sharp and stylish, even after years of heavy work.

GTA Lockman is proud to offer the complete range of Schlage locks and security accessories to all of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area.  From touchscreens to Bluetooth, keypads to keyless entry, we have a lock that will fit your needs.

With a wide selection of both technology and style options available, you can count on a Schlage lock to meet all of your security needs.

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