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What Should You Do in an Emergency Lockout Situation?Being locked out of your home or car is annoying in any situation, but when it’s an emergency, it can be downright panic-inducing.  Late at night, in inclement weather, when you’re responsible for small children – it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s a question of safety.

The first step is to calm down.  When you panic, you make a difficult situation that much worse.  Take a few deep breaths and relax – it will help you think clearer and make better decisions.  Try not to assign blame or get angry at anyone you’re with – that can wait for later; your only goal, in an emergency, is to try to locate your keys.

Check everything – every purse, every pocket, every bag.  Make sure everyone your with does the same, including small children – you’d be surprised how often keys end up pilfered in a child’s pockets.  It’s very easy to absent-mindedly put your keys down, especially if you’re juggling a bunch of things at once, so check any carriers or strollers bags – anything you may have with you.  You’d be surprised where you put things when you’re not paying attention.

Remember the last time you used your keys.  That’s a starting point for your search.  If you keep your keys in your pocket, have you removed anything else from your pocket recently?  A wallet or something?  If so, that may be where you last had your keys.  If you have a phone with you, call the places you’ve been, to see if anyone’s turned in loose keys.  Retrace your steps as much as possible, either in person or on the phone.

If that fails, have an emergency locksmith contact.  The best thing to do is save a phone number into your cell phone.  Might as well do it right now, while you’re reading this – may we suggest (647) 646-5625? – so you have quick access to someone trustworthy in a crisis situation.  The GTA Lockman is available 24/7, so whenever you have a crisis, we’re there for you.  Remain calm, get to a safe location, and we’ll be there with lightning-quick, reliable service.