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Weiser SmartKey

The Weiser SmartKey system allows for quick rekeying without the costs or troubles of removing a lock from your door. It’s simply thWeiser SmartKeye fastest and most convenient way to rekey your locks on the market today.

Perhaps you’ve lost your key somewhere—or, worse yet, they were stolen.  Maybe you gave a key to someone who never returned it.  Maybe you’ve just moved, or are remodeling, upgrading or updating the locks in your home.  There are dozens of reasons why you may want to rekey your lock, and Weiser SmartKey helps with all of them.

Rekeying your Weiser locks is a simple, three-step process.  First, you simply insert your original key, and give it a quarter-turn clockwise.  Second, you insert and remove your SmartKey learn tool, and remove the functioning key.  Now your lock is ready to read your new key; simply inserting it into the lock will automatically rekey your lock to match your new key.  The process takes only seconds.

SmartKey is available as a standard on every single one of Weiser’s products, from traditional door handles and knobs to electronic locks and even padlocks.  You can rekey everything to work on one master key, or have different keys open different locks—and you can change that as necessary, to ensure that specific people have access to specific areas.   It’s incredibly simple to do with Weber’s patented technology.

Don’t mistake the ease of rekeying to be a safety hazard, either.  Weiser SmartKey is drill-resistant, and has patented side locking bar technology to protect against standard attacks such as lock bumping.  It’s available in an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt—the highest certified level of residential safety available.  All of Weiser’s locks have passed the most stringent lock-picking standards as provided by Underwriters Laboratories; they’re simply among the safest locks available today.

You can rekey a Weiser SmartKey lock as often as you’d like, and without your original functioning key, no one else can do the same.  You have complete control at all times as to which key will work in your lock, allowing you to quickly change it in cases of emergency.  Its simple three-step process ensures that you’ll be able to simply and quickly rekey without complex tools or procedures.  It’s a fantastic piece of technology that allows you to quickly increase your home’s security.

Any one of Weiser’s products comes with SmartKey technology, so you can pick from their wide range of hardware and styles.  Get peace of mind today by upgrading your home security system with Weiser SmartKey.

For more information, check out this guide on how SmartKey rekeying works!