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How Locksmiths Can Help

How Locksmiths Can HelpWhy call a locksmith like The GTA Lockman?  Here are just a few of the major situations we can help you with:

Replacing Damaged or Lost Keys

When your key is lost or damaged, you can’t open the lock it belonged to!  You could lose access to your own home or vehicle, which will put more than a slight crimp in your plans.  Our trained locksmiths will arrive at your home, car or place of work, replacing your locks or re-keying your doors to get you access to your home once again.

Master Keying

If you have many locks you need to open – say, you’re a property manager or in charge of multiple locations – a master key could be just the thing you need to save yourself from a keyring clogged with dozens of redundant keys.  A master key is a key that’s designed to open a wide variety of locks – each lock has a unique key for a tenant or other resident, and then the one master key owned by the landlord.  Master keying your properties can save you time and aggravation.

New Lock Hardware

If you’re concerned about security – or are just moving into a new home and want to replace the existing door security – a trained locksmith like The GTA Lockman can install newer and stronger door hardware, including deadbolt locks.  Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing security or are concerned someone might have access to your own locks, new locking hardware can be the answer to your woes.

Lock Repair

Sometimes it’s not the key that’s the issue – it’s a damaged lock itself.  Sometimes, simple wear and tear can harm the lock mechanism.  Other times, they can get jammed or stuck, or have a key break inside the tumbler.  When this happens, a trained locksmith can come, repair your lock in no time at all, and have everything working smoothly once again.

Home Security

What’s the Difference Between Re-Keying a Lock and Changing A Lock?

What’s the Difference Between Re-Keying a Lock and Changing A Lock?Maybe there’s an old key floating out there, in the hands of someone you don’t trust.  Maybe you’ve just moved into a new apartment.  Maybe you’ve had a break-in and are looking for added security.  One way or another, you need to change your lock.  Or perhaps just re-key it?

Both changing a lock and re-keying a lock alter who has access to your home – it means old keys won’t work, and new keys are required.  But what, exactly, is the difference between them?

Re-keying a lock involves adjusting the locking mechanism in your existing lock.  Most door locks work with a sequence of pins – your key enters the lock cylinder, pushes up the appropriate pins, and allows the cylinder to turn.  All a re-key is, essentially, is replacing those pins with new ones, calibrated to work with a different key.  Any existing key won’t have the correct groove pattern to line up the pins properly, and thus won’t allow the lock to be opened.  If your lock is in good working order, and you’re just concerned about other people having access, re-keying is an affordable option.  It’s also a good option if you’re not allowed to replace the locking hardware itself – the locksmith can create a new key that operates the same locking mechanism.

Replacing a lock involves actually taking out the old lock entirely.  If it’s damaged, or old and hardly functional, re-keying a lock won’t give any significant improvement; security requires replacing the lock entirely.  Sometimes, locks simply wear past the point where a rekey can improve its function.  You also might want to replace a lock with something that fits your needs better – an aesthetic choice, or an easier-to-operate handle for someone with a disability, for example.  No amount of re-keying will help there; you’ll need to replace the lock entirely.

If you’re not sure about what you need, a professional locksmith like the experts at The GTA Lockman can help you make that determination.  Our security experts will make sure you get the service you need.  Call us today!