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Moved in a new house? Remember to Change The Locks

Anyone moving into a home or commercial property that has had previous occupants should consider getting the locks changed for their security and peace of mind. 

Why Is Changing the Locks So Important When Moving in?

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When moving into any kind of property that has had previous owners or occupants, there is no way to know for sure how many copies of the keys are out there and who has them in their possession, even when the previous owners give the assurance that they have given back all sets of keys.
This is especially the case for homes or offices that have had many previous occupants without the locks being changed.

Previous owners are generally not very forthcoming about how many keys could be floating around or whether or not any have been stolen. 
Nor do you know the personal history of the previous occupants. 
For commercial property that can include various employees (and their family members or friends) or the length of time the building has used the same locks. 
For residential properties, it can be even more complicated. 
That includes a break up or divorce, property that was rented or used as an Airbnb, or house guests that “forgot” to return the key.

We are very aware of budget constraints. 
Ask about the option of simply re-keying the locks. 
This is when the locksmith changes out the mechanism so the old key won’t work but the same locking hardware remains in place. 
For commercial properties or building managers or landlords, consider a master key system.

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Get your locks changed by a locksmith expert

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By providing a move-in lock change service, The GTA Lockman helps home and business owners increase the security of their property.
A professional locksmith will be dispatched to the customer’s location and change all of the exterior locks on the property.
All of the locksmiths at The GTA Lockman are highly experienced and have all the necessary tools to install new locks on all kinds of doors.
Having locks installed by a professional guarantees that they will be put in correctly and can thus keep intruders out.

Make it part of your property closing and pre-move checklist to have all of the locks checked for attempted break ins and to have a locksmith order replacements for all the locks in the home or business. 
In fact, this is the perfect time to check out upgrades. 
Technology is always improving  and it could be worth just a few dollars more to install improved security.

Many homes and commercial properties can have locks that are decades old and thus be prone to malfunctioning, in addition to not being as secure as some of the newer locks out there.
By having the locks changed on their new home or office, customers can get modern, high-quality locks.
The experienced locksmiths at The GTA Lockman can help property owners choose the best kind of locks that will offer them maximum security, all while fitting their budget.

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