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We provide fast and efficient assistance in anything to do with key and lock services in Whitby, ON.

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How safe is your home or vehicle? When you think about this, you probably say everything is okay.
However, when was the last time that the locks were changed?
This is what an Whitby locksmith can help you with.

With us you get a top quality service and the installation of some of the most well known security brands in the country.
Plus all our work is carried out by a skilled and experienced locksmith professional.

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Residential Locksmith in Whitby

Residential Locksmith in Whitby

We are not only a locksmith that you can call in times of a lockout situation, but when you wonder about the safety of your locks.
Some of the services that we provide in addition to lockout services for homes in the Whitby area include:

– Rekeying the locks on the home to handle a new key

– Installing deadbolts onto doors

– Smart lock installation

– Repairs to current hinges and doors, or even locks that need this

We are not like other locksmith services in Toronto
We are truly looking to be the best locksmith in Canada.
Our services include Premium Locksmith Service 

Commercial Locksmith in Whitby

Commercial Locksmith in Whitby

Any commercial building, whether this is a bank, retail store, pharmacy, medical complex, government building or even those businesses in the service industry, there is a need for safety and security.
The items that you leave in these buildings need to be protected.
And as your Whitby locksmith, that is what we are here to do.
When you come to us, we have a ton of different services all geared at making your commercial building secure.
These services include:

– Lock repair or rekeying

– Installing new locks

– Lockout assistance

– Installing access controls

– High security locks installation

– Repair to doors, even those that are automatic or sliding

Access Control & Intercom systems

Intercom systems Locksmith in Whitby

Access control is one thing that many business owners and homeowners are interested in having.
These are becoming smarter ways of locking the structure, while also controlling who comes and goes.
These are super easy to manage, allow you to have more control over who enters, and you can even have ways of revoking access should you not physically be at the location.

Our access control systems can include:

– Card access installation

– Alarm clock repair/installation

– Keypad access installation

– Smart device locks installation

– Smart lock installation

Whether you need locksmith service for a lockout or you fear what the lock is like in a home or business, we are the Withby locksmith to contact to get these issues under control.


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  • Residential Locksmith Service.  
  • Commercial Locksmith Service.
  • Automotive Locksmith Service. 
  • Emergency Lockout Service and much more.   

There are many brands for high security locks

 but most popular and recommended in Canada

We offer mobile locksmith service and fully equipped to replace most of car keys and fobs at your location. 

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