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Keypad Locks

Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock
While there are many different types of security systems for doors and cars, some are certainly more effective than others. The traditional key lock is one of the less effective options for a variety of reasons. People lose the keys, have the keys stolen, break the keys, or the lock gets picked. A keypad negates many of the drawbacks to using a traditional lock and key system.

The biggest benefit to using a keypad system is that there is no type of key involved. This means that the user doesn’t have to carry around a key everyday at the risk of losing it, which means they will never have to sit around all day waiting for the locksmith to come and make a key for them. All users have to do is remember a code, and usually it’s a fairly simple four-digit code.

This brings up the next benefit. Keypads are much more secure than a traditional lock and key since there is no risk of losing the key or having it stolen by someone who wants to break in. They also can’t be broken into as easily since only the owner knows the passcode to get inside the lock. Even if the owner feels the code has been compromised in some way, there is always the option of simply changing the code instead of the entire lock.

There is also the added benefit of the keypad locks being more unique than traditional locks. Traditional key locks may be duplicated, and the keys can be copied which makes it easier for someone to access the lock. Only the manufacturer of the keypad is able to duplicate the lock.

As they are more convenient, safer, and more durable than traditional lock and key systems, keypad systems are the way to go if the price is right. They will protect user’s assets more efficiently so they can continue on throughout their day with less worry that their asset may be broken into.

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