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Jimmy Proof Locks Installation and Repairs

A great way to increase home security is with a Jimmy Proof Lock installation by GTA Lockman Toronto. We will install it in the inner part of the door and provide no access from the outside to your home.

It s one of the best lock types available. The locks are durable and reliable. A Jimmy Proof Lock you find equipped with bolt and pry resistance to withstand can withstand drilling and bumping. So, consider a Jimmy Proof Lock installation today if you want to provide your home with added security.

Jimmy Proof Locks Installation and Repairs

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Jimmy Proof Lock Installation

We recommend the Ilco Jimmy Proof Lock as it is a popular lock to improve your home security. But how do we do the installation process? Find out right here:

  1. The essential tools for such an installation are a hammer, center punch, hole saw, drill, screwdriver, straightedge, masking tape, and pliers.
  2. We will then define where to place the lock and mark it on the frame using either a mortise strike or surface mount.
  3. Then we will mark the spot and drill a hole to place the cylinder.
  4. Next, we mark spots for the screws and use a drill to make holes.
  5. We then measure the thickness of the door to determine the length of the tailpiece and screws needed. With pliers, if needed, we will cut the screws.
  6. Now we will place the cylinder inside to line it up with the back plate to attach it with mounting screws.
  7. Next, we mount the deadbolt using a pair of screws and the screwdriver.
  8. Lastly, we mount the strike plate to the side.

You can do this installation yourself, but if you need help, call us.

Lock Repairs With GTA Lockman

Lock Repairs

You already have a Jimmy Proof Lock; no matter how well it is maintained, it can still break. So, if this has happened to you and needs fixing or replacing, our professional locksmith can help.


The cylinder might need replacing or the entire lock. GTA Lockman Toronto knows how complicated this process can be, and we can help. We know everything about different locks and do the following when needing to change a Ilco lock cylinder:

  • First, we will remove the lock and take it apart by removing the screws found on the outer part to the inside ones holding the cylinder in place.
  • We will then remove the cylinder and lay out all the details to remove the tailpiece to adjust it to the correct size using pliers.
  • Then we will reassemble the lock and return all the details to ensure it lines up with the original position.
  • We then insert the new cylinder and place back the screws.

Lastly, we check to see if everything is working correctly. The new cylinder will work with two keys, and we will check both.
No matter what lock you have, we can even fix your Jimmy Proof Lock. Call us today to help define the problem with your locks.
Our professional locksmith team will be there fast at a time that suits you.