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Fresh Lock Installation

If you’ve just had a new door installed or you want to install a lock on a door that’s never had a lock on it before, you’ll need a fresh lock installation.

professional lock installation from scratch

Lock Installation Toronto

Your business or home lock is an indispensable piece of security. Therefore, installing a fresh lock needs to be done by a professional locksmith to work trouble-free.
An improper lock installation can compromise the building’s safety and not function, as it should. 

Installing new locks is complex compared to replacing an existing one.
The fresh lock needs to be precisely drilled, and the replacement must be correct. Hence, it is best to have a professional locksmith handle the installation.

Here at GTA Lockman, we pride ourselves on being leaders regarding new lock installations in Toronto for businesses, retail, and homes.
With years of experience in lock repairs and replacements, our technicians have the expertise and knowledge to install a wide selection of lock brands.

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Types of Locks We Can Handle and Install

  • Mortise Lock Installations
  • Electronic Lock Installations
  • Key Pad Lock Installations
  • Deadbolt Installations 
  • Padlock Installations 
  • Knob Lock Installations
  • Cam Lock Installations
  • Lever Handle Installations
  • And more…

How Do We Install a Lock – Our Process

Lock Installation service Toronto
  1. Regardless of what sort of lock you pick, our technician will evaluate the exact measurements of your lock before drilling the holes in your door.
  2. We will then utilize the best available tools, and time-tested techniques to properly screw both the internal and external sections of the lock to ensure that it is installed to absolute perfection.
  3. After installation, we will guarantee that its parts are all working appropriately.
  4. Our specialists will direct you about the working component of your new lock prior to leaving and furthermore give you valuable tips to keep it in top shape so that it operates at its best efficiency for many and many years to come.