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Door Knob Locks


Door Knob Locks: Types and Replacements

Door knobs and their locking mechanisms may seem like an afterthought when building or renovating a home, but they are truly an important decision to make. Both esthetics and safety depend on the right door knob locks. If it’s time to replace a door knob or change a lock on a door, get ready to explore your options.

Types of Door Knob Locks

In addition to the various looks and styles of door knobs, there are various locking mechanisms out there. Which are the best door locks for you? That depends on whether you are in a residential or commercial building, and the level of security that you need.

Common types of door knob locks include:

Standard keyed door knobs: Cylinder locks, Dead bolts, Keyed entry

  • Standard keyed door knobs: the lock is in the center of the door knob, typical for a home’s exterior doors and in various commercial settings.
  • Cylinder locks: Ideal for large buildings that need to change the locks frequently; the cylinder gets replaced rather than the entire door knob.
  • Dead bolts: A separate lock installed above the door knob.
  • Keyed entry: A keypad or numbered buttons are programmed with a passcode for entry.

These are just the most basic categories. For various institutional purposes and special door knobs there are dozens of lock technologies and door knob styles available to suit specific needs.

Replacing Door Knobs or Locks

If you want to change your door knobs for cosmetic reason — or if you want to step up security with a new lock — there are a few pieces of information, you’ll need to proceed. Most door knob fit standard measurements so that virtually any replacement will fit.

It’s good to take measurements even if you are fairly certain you have standard size door knobs. In some cases, the new lock may not work or the door knob might not even fit into the opening. Measure the door knob opening and the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the opening, then look for new door knobs that fit into the right measurement or range.

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