Adjust your door closer

Why is my door slamming? Adjust your door closer. A door closer is a device designed to help close a door automatically in a nice smooth motion. It does this by using spring tension controlled by hydraulic (oil) fluid. As the user opens the door, hydraulic fluid passes through the pipe. This fluid passes through […]

What is a Continuous Hinge?

What is a Continuous Hinge? In this article, we’re going to be answering some questions about continuous hinges Let’s dive right in. What is a continuous hinge? A continuous hinge is a geared hinge that runs the full height of the door and frame. Why do I need one? If your door is sagging, dragging, […]

The Basics of Professional Lock Repair

The Basics of Professional Lock Repair

Browsing around the internet, you can find article after article after article explaining how you can do lock repair and installation at home.  If you’re particularly handy, this may, in fact, be possible, but for most of us, the idea of messing with our home’s security is a frightening one.  There’s also the issue of […]

Why a Regular Locksmith is Important

When you move to a new area, you look for people to fill basic roles.  You look for a doctor and a dentist for regular checkups.  You mark down places to go for regular services – a vet if you have a pet, childcare if you have small children, grocery stores if you have specific […]