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Car Locksmith Markham

Markham automotive locksmith experts can help you quickly duplicate or replace lost, damaged or stolen electronic car keys and key fobs.

Car Key Replacement & Duplication Services

Here in Markham, we use our cars a lot.  Taking care of them includes regular oil changes and other maintenance. 
However, when something unforeseen happens, like a key that won’t work, you want rapid service.

Why do keys break?  There are several reasons, and some of them depend on the type of key and lock system on your model.

If you have a traditional insert the key in the lock and turn, it can be because the key is bent or has simply worn down. 
If you inspect the key every so often, you may notice cracks or rust. 
If you discover something like this, go to your local automotive locksmith in Markham and have a replacement key made before it breaks. 
If you try to force a key, it can break inside the lock, which is more challenging to resolve. 
In that case, you need someone expert enough to gently remove the key using specialized tools. 
It could also be something as simple as dirt or debris in the cylinder. 
An experienced locksmith can tell the difference.

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electronic car keys and key fobs

If your vehicle is newer and has electronics that guide the ignition or door opening, then you could be dealing with transponder issues, an aftermarket key that does not perform successfully, or many other reasons. 
In this case, you will need a locksmith that is skilled in working with these types of keys and keyless entry systems.

If you find yourself in a predicament with a broken key, contact us at Markham Locksmith. 
We will dispatch one of our techs to your location to extract the key, repair any damage, or work with your electronic system. 
We have experience working with all vehicles, makes, and models and their corresponding keys, fobs, transponders, and high-security elements. 
Our emergency services are available around the clock.

Automotive Locksmiths Markham

Locksmiths Markham offers the following automotive key services:

  • Transponder (remote and key FOB) replacement
  • Transponder chip repair, duplication, and replacement
  • Smart and Flip Blade key repair or replacement
  • PROX Car Key duplication and replacement
  • Immobilizer key reprogramming
  • Car remote programming
  • Ignition switch repair and unlocking
  • Broken key removal
  • Car trunk opening
  • High Security Car Key Cutting