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Cadillac Key Replacement

We provide a wide range of auto locksmith services, from emergency services such as unlock cars, cut and program keys at your location.
as well as non-emergency services such as duplicate Cadillac keys.

Looking to replace your Cadillac key or fob?

Your Cadillac vehicle is luxurious and loaded with the technology that makes driving enjoyable.  However, even the most sophisticated cars can have a problem with the key.

The most common issue is a lost key.  The easiest solution is to whip out your duplicate. 
If you don’t have one, no problem. 
Our locksmith service is happy to replicate your key so that you have a backup or replacement. 
If it is an emergency, we will dispatch a technician to your location and solve the problem on the spot.

We will need certain information from you to be sure we have the exact replacement key or Fob. 
We maintain a good stock of keys, fobs, keyless entry, remotes, and transponders. 
We also provide programming on-site.

Lost or Broken Cadillac key?!

Car Key Replacement & Duplication Services

Our automotive locksmith is licensed and insured and our service personnel are experienced in dealing with Cadillac products including lost and damaged keys. 
We deal in all three of the main types of Cadillac keys:

  • Non-chip – These are on models built before the year 2000 and are a standard, traditional key.
  • Transponder – These have special codes using a specially designed machine.
  • Key fob/push to start – These come on models starting in 2015.


There is no need to consider an expensive tow and the need to pay dealership prices. 
Contact our office and we will have someone come to you with the right materials and equipment to get you back on the road again. 
Our goal is to provide the best service possible. 
After we have made the replacement, we test the key or entry system to be sure it is in good working order. 

GTA Lockman is the best choice for duplicate or replacement keys for your Cadillac vehicle.  Provide us with the pertinent information and we will make it happen.

We Cut & Program Cadillac Keys to Any Model

Cadillac Smart Key
Cadillac chip Key
Cadillac chip Key
Cadillac Remote Fob
Cadillac Remote Fob
Cadillac Smart Key Fob
Cadillac Smart Key Fob

Models of Cadillac covered by our car key service

Escalade, ATS, CTS, SRX, XTS & more.
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