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Door Lock Functions - The Definitive Guide

Door Lock Functions - The Definitive Guide

Which type of lockset is made for you to use in your home or business?

The question is not something you think about until the day you stand at the hardware store or a locksmith shop.
In most cases, people use the term regular or standard to help describe the function of a lock they need.

Unfortunately, lockset products are not labeled with those terms, leaving you confused and guessing. As a result, buying the wrong products wastes your time and money.
For this reason, GTA Lockman Toronto wants to help remove all the guesswork to make you an informed customer. 

The Five Lockset Functions

Note: Still, there are some other functions outside the five mentioned here, but they are less common, and you only need them in particular circumstances.


Entry Lockset Function

Then Entry Lockset Function: It is the most common type found, and the likeliness is that you have one in your office or home.
The lock has a small button inside the knob or lever.
It allows you to lock your door if you choose to do so manually.
The majority of entry locksets will enable you to push that button or push it in to turn the switch.
Doing this results in the lock remaining locked even when inserting a key.
You find them installed in the front or back doors of residential properties. 


The Storeroom Lockset Function: In this type of lock, you always need a key to get entry and remain locked.
You have no button found on the inside, and you do not have the option to leave your door open.
It works well in commercial settings installed on the supply closest, as the door remains locked while closed. So, it helps prevent thefts of stationery, etc. 


The Classroom Lockset Function: As the name implies, the lock works in a classroom and is similar to the storeroom one.
It also has no button on the inside, but you can leave it unlocked with a key.
With a full turn, you can lock/unlock the knob or lever.
So, with the correct key, you can leave that door open if authorized. 


Passage Lockset Function

The Passage Lockset Function: You cannot say it is an actual lock as the knob lever does not lock.
All the lock does is keep the door latched to the doorframe.
Hence, it prevents the door from blowing around in the wind causing damage.
You find these locks in home closets or doors that do not need locking.
For example, many people use them on the bedroom door to close but not lock.


Privacy Lockset Function

The Privacy Lockset Function: You find the lock used in bedrooms or bathrooms to provide privacy. It has a small hole on the outside with a push button inside. You can open the small outside hole using a pin or paperclip by pushing it in.
It does not serve as the primary locking system but prevents someone from walking in when you are in the room. 

Well, now you have all five lockset functions, and the next time you need to buy a set of locks, the information will help you choose the right one.
With this information, you can keep your business or home in a perfect setup to fashion the way you want.
Hence, it will save you money, aggravation, and time. 

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