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DO NOT DUPLICATE KEYS: Are You Really Secure?

DO NOT DUPLICATE KEYS: Are You Really Secure?

Here at GTA LockMan Toronto, we have a huge question. First, have you ever seen the description on your keys “DO NOT DUPLICATE”? Do these three words protect your key? Yes, the key is a piece of metal standing between you and the entrance to your office building or residence. 

No wonder you hesitate to hand your keys to others as it increases the risk of damage and theft. Still, avoiding the situation is not always possible.
For example, an employee arrives early at work.
Or you lease apartments needing access all hours of the day.

You can install an electronic lock system or need to find other solutions.
Still, it will not work efficiently enough when the time comes to change the lock.
So, if you plan to hand out keys, you must prevent possible risks. 

Whether you have an office building or rentals, you must keep track of the copies.
So tenants and staff must not lose the duplicate key.
But how do you enforce this rule when it comes to key holders? 


Do Not Duplicate key Example
Do Not Duplicate key Example

Many keys have these words but do the warning work to prevent duplicate keys? Well, there are a few things you need to know about these words.
Furthermore, you can follow some steps to help increase security. So let’s look at them.

Key Laws 

While there are laws on keys, you must not let them discourage you.
The truth is there are no laws in Toronto preventing staff or tenants from duplicating keys without your permission.
The message on the key is official but is only a request for you as the holder not to do it. 

Still, nothing stops individuals from making copies of the key at a hardware store.
Great, but why then add the words DO NOT DUPLICATE on keys? To find out, you need to consider the following:

  • When you look at your key with the words, you will think twice before making a copy, right? So, you can set rules against making copies of the key in your rental or company policies. Furthermore, the message reminds the key holder of the commitment.
  • For example, if a locksmith in Toronto receives a request to do the key cutting and takes note of the words.
    Then that person must ask why the key needs to be duplicated. W
    hen you use non-professionals, you will find them replicating the key if a blank is available. 
  • Furthermore, if a person disregards the DO NOT DUPLICATE request, they can still hide that key from you.
    But you will be able to distinguish the key from the others as it has no description.


The Terms Does Not Increase Security, But There Are Some Rules To Improve It

The DO NOT DUPLICATE on the key will not offer increased security according to law.
It can protect you with an agreement between you and another person that you trust with that key.
But whether you trust people, you still want more assurance of safety with DO NOT DUPLICATE empty threat.
There are some stronger key options available.
You can improve security using these improved versions compared to the traditional key lock system. 

Restricted Keyway Lock - also know as high security locks

Restricted Keyway Lock - also know as high security lock
Restricted Keys Example

First, look for a restricted keyway lock. Why? Most stores offering key cutting can have a blank key for your product.
Yet, with a limited keyway lock, only one locksmith controls those key blanks.
So, the person needs to use your locksmith when something happens to that key. 

Even then, that locksmith checks a list to see who is authorized to duplicate the key.
Here is where the law prohibits any locksmith from cutting a restricted key or handing one to an unauthorized person. 

The reason is that landlords, business owners, or property owners know the number of keys they have and who has ordered one.
In addition, you may find that some manufacturers patent a key blank, allowing only approved companies to reproduce them. 

Then you have the high-security lock of thousands of combinations preventing someone from bumping the lock.
Discuss the security features with your locksmith before investing in this brand, as manufacturers define it differently. 

With such a key, no unauthorized person can have it copied.
So, it helps to buy a restricted keyway lock with high security for the best protection. The added security combined with not being able to duplicate it will keep the property safe. 

Discuss Your Options With a Local Locksmith

If you want to enhance your security, you have several options when providing people access to your rental or office space.
The important thing is to discuss it with a locksmith.
Here is where we at GTA LockMan Toronto can help provide you with the best commercial and residential locks and key cutting.
Contact us today to help set up your restricted keyway locks. 

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