What is a Continuous Hinge?

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What is a Continuous Hinge

What is a continuous hinge?

A continuous hinge is a geared hinge that runs the full height of the door and frame.

Why do I need one?

If your door is sagging, dragging, or having any other issues opening and closing, a continuous hinge is the preferred long-term solution.

Where can a continuous hinge be used?

A practical application for a continuous hinge is on an aluminum and glass store front door, as well as metal doors, wood doors, gates, and other swinging openings.

Is any maintenance required for the hinges?

Each hinge is pre-lubricated with a permanent dry-graphite coating on all moving surfaces. This lubricant will last the lifetime of the hinge, requiring zero maintenance

The hinges can be installed doors weighing up to


Advantages of Continuous Hinges

  • Less Noise
  • Easy Installation
  • Extended Life Span
  • Identical Operation
  • Increased Security

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