Why is my door slamming? Adjust your door closer.

A door closer is a device designed to help close a door automatically in a nice smooth motion.
It does this by using spring tension controlled by hydraulic (oil) fluid.
As the user opens the door, hydraulic fluid passes through the pipe.
This fluid passes through a series of valves that help control the speed.

Adjust your door closer

My door is slamming. What can I do?

Depending on your model of door closer, there are four main adjustments that you can make: the spring power, back check, closing speed, and latching speed.

Heavy duty door closer diagram
Where can you find instructions for a door closer
Reguler duty door closer diagram

What does that mean?

Again, depending on your model, there a diagram showing you these adjustments.
The back check is the last five to 15 degrees before the door is fully open.
The closer speed is the travel when the door’s closing. And the latching speed is the last five to 15 degrees before the door is shut.

What tools do I need?

To get started, you will need two basic tools to make your adjustment: a screwdriver to remove the cover, if there is one, and an Allen wrench to make your speed adjustments.

So, just start twisting?

You always want to make sure you’re working on your door when it’s closed and the closer is a non-operable function.
After you’ve removed the cover, locate the adjustment screws.
Take your Allen wrench and make your adjustment.
Keep in mind, a little goes a long way.
Start with 1/8 turns, and then check your progress periodically to see what other adjustments may need to be made.
Sometimes, these adjustment screws will be labeled for you, in latching speed, closing speed, and back check.
Other times, you may need to refer to the diagram found inside the closer for the location of these adjustment screws

If your door closer valves are faulty or they have been removed and you have lost hydraulic pressure, we recommend replacing the door closer with a new door closer

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