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is a locally owned and operated Toronto locksmith, serving the entire GTA.

Why is that a good thing?  We’re glad you asked.

In the local phone book, you’ll find plenty of national locksmith companies, often with multiple different phone numbers listed for the same company.  They’re presented as being local, but they’re not; call them, and you’ll likely be connected to their national call centers.  They’ll connect you with a local subcontractor, adding a middleman cost to your final bill.  They’re often not familiar with the local area, sometimes resulting in locksmiths taking a long time to arrive or not showing up at all.  National companies also often have lower qualities of customer service; they don’t need repeat customers because they operate over such a large area – they don’t need you to call them up again, because someone halfway across the country might call them next.

Now, a local locksmith like The GTA Lockman is different.  Our reputation is built on our good relations with our customers and neighbors.  This is why we seek to go the extra mile in everything we do, ensuring quick response times and the most convenient ways to help solve your locksmith emergency.  We respond quickly and inexpensively, because we want to be your regular locksmith – not just for emergency situations, but for regular home security improvements, as well.  We have to go the extra mile – unlike a national service, we simply won’t stay in business if we don’t treat you right!

We’re intimately familiar with Toronto and the surrounding area, and we know what it takes to deliver prompt, reliable service.

No matter when or where you are in trouble, the GTA Lockman can help.  We offer 24 hour and emergency locksmith services, lock installation, replacement and repair, key duplication, lockout services, and much, much more.  Trust your local locksmith – trust GTA Lockman!

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