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Weiser electronic locks offer the latest in security technology.  Getting into your house is simple, quick and secure with Weiser electronic locks; their keyless entry system allows you to have a high level of security and protection without relying on traditional, physical keys.

Their convenient keyless technology comes in a variety of different models and options.

Weiser Kevo is their advanced Bluetooth-enabled smart lock.  With it, your smartphone becomes your key, giving you one less thing to worry about as you’re out and about.  With your smartphone or special key fob on your person, all you need to do is touch the lock to gain access to your home.  It can detect whether you’re inside or outside your home, so unauthorized people can’t gain entry simply because you’re standing near your front door.  It also can be used with a traditional key, in case you ever misplace your phone or fob.

Kevo can also inform you when it’s been used with its smartphone app, allowing you to keep track of who is coming and going.  You can also send electronic e-keys to visitors and service providers, allowing them temporary access.  It’s an incredibly convenient and versatile keyless entry system, engineered for maximum security and designed to give you complete control over your home.

A more traditional keyless entry system would be their SmartCode technology.  These electronic locks, be they with the latest touchscreen technology or a simple button design, allow you to enter your home with just the entry of a simple code, and to lock it with just the push of a button.   SmartCode allows you to have 30 user codes, so each member of the family and any regular visitors or service personnel can have their own private entry code.  It can be synched with existing security and home automation services as well, allowing it to become an integrated part of your home security needs.

With full 128-bit encryption security, it’s safe from any electronic measures to try to steal passcodes and enter your home.  With Weiser’s patented side locking bar technology, it’s also protected against traditional attempts to enter your home.  They’re easy to install, and come in a wide range of styles to complement any Weiser knob, lever or handleset.

Weiser’s keyless locks and electronic locks allow you to be on the cutting edge of home security.  They’ll add that extra level of protection so you can feel safe in your own home.

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