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Locksmith King City


Need a Locksmith in King City?

Accidentally locking yourself out of your King City, Ontario house happens far more than you might think. 
It can actually pose a serious problem especially if you have pets that need your attention or you left something on the stove.

Hopefully you have left a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend, or you live with someone who you can call. 
If you are renting, the landlord will have an extra key. 
Another option is that you have used a hide-a-key device.

King City, ON Locksmith

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Emergency locksmith In King City

Locksmiths are on call every day, all day, in all kinds of weather.  They help in cases of lockouts from homes, apartments, offices, vehicles, etc. 
They can provide assistance if your key has broken or for some reason just won’t turn and engage the lock. 
They can also replace locks when you move into a new home or in the event of a romantic breakup or a roommate eviction.

Some of the routine services a locksmith provides is for commercial as well as residential customers:

  • Auto lockout
  • Re-keying
  • Lock replacement or repair
  • Security issues
  • Car keys & Fobs replacement
  • Office lock repair

For a company that checks all the boxes, contact GTA Lockman – Mobile Locksmith Toronto. We are happy to answer all your questions and to provide references.