Emergency Locksmith Services in Toronto and GTA

The GTA Lockman team provides best in class emergency locksmith services in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our team of highly trained technicians is ready and prepared on the go to provide any type of emergency locksmith services you might need. These are some of the advantages you get by choosing to work with the GTA Lockman:

We Use High Security Locks

Many people prefer high security locks for their residence, business and other purposes because of their advantages. Read on for more information regarding high security locks and find out what makes high security locks different from other locks.

Restricted Keys

One of the advantages of high security locks are restricted keys. These keys are more secure than regular keys because they are not easily duplicated. Restricted keys cannot be copied in a home center department store or by your average locksmith. These keys give people peace of mind knowing their home, business or other location is safe and secure.

 High Quality Factor

High security locks are created from materials that are high quality. These locks use MT5+ screws to make breaking into a business or residence difficult. These special screws are made from heavy duty steal and thicker than regular lock screws, making MT5+ screws sturdier and more reliable.

Resistance Matters

Enhanced security locks are resistant to many things, including picking, bumping and drilling. Regular locks can be damaged with the smallest exert of force. Enhanced security locks have more than one locking mechanism that strengthens the resistance of the lock. Hardened steel inserts can be used with these locks to resist a successful drilling attack.

 Deadbolts and Strikes

Deadbolts and strikes are essential for reliable heavy duty locks. Deadbolts and strikes are an important part of the door jamb because it is where the bolt enters to secure a home, business or other facility. Regular locks are equipped with a thin metal plate where the lock enters. The metal plate will not do much to protect against various attacks, including saw attacks. Regular locks can be damaged and broken with a forceful kick.

Whether you are protecting your residence, business or other facility or location, you will have peace of mind knowing that your valuables and belongings are safe when you use our Toronto Emergency Locksmith Services.

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