Electric Strike Operated Locks

For centuries and millennia all over the world, people have been concerned with security. From the earliest recorded history of treasures, we also have history of mankind’s efforts to protect those items. Whether it is our money, our family, or our personal information, it is our natural human instinct to protect the things we find valuable. Modern conveniences and technologies have allowed us to become more efficient at controlling access to places and things that we treasure.

Electric strike operated locks offer an excellent balance between traditional brute strength security features and high-tech, configurable control systems. The units consist of a robust, one-way pivoting strike with an electronically controlled internal locking mechanism. These devices operate like a traditional strike when closed, but when open, the strike plate may pivot. In this state, the latch travels freely, in effect bypassing the doors’ mechanical locks. The change in state from open to closed is controlled electronically, which means there are endless possibilities for controlling access.

This type of device is very useful for controlling access to businesses, apartment buildings, or any other location where access is required by multiple parties, but providing a physical key to each person is unsafe or impractical. These systems are often paired with remote activated switches that allow access to be granted from a switchboard or intercom. Electric strike operated locks may also be activated by programmable keypads or RFID activated sensors.

There are several other applications and installation methods for this type of device, which is why expert advice and experience is a necessity when considering adding this type of device to your office or home. GTA Lockman offers the experience and expertise to effectively incorporate this type of system into your home or office security plan. They can provide all of the options available when it comes to electric strike operated locks and the best methods for implementation with the proper fail-safes and backups applied for your needs.